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Maple or ash.

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Q: What type of wood is a Major League baseball bat made out of?
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Which Major league baseball players have type 1 diabetes?

Morrow, fuldham

What type of polygon is home plate in major league baseball?

It's an irregular pentagon.

What the cheats to major league baseball 2k9 for wii?

unlock bigheadmode and then type in black socks

Do you capitalize baseball?

Not precisely. If you're preferring to the type of sport, or the type of ball itself, then no. If a club name has the word in it, then yes. For example: Major League Baseball.

What is a very old antique baseball worth?

Baseballs such as the ones used in the early days of baseball like the "lemon Peal" style can be worth 1,000's of dollars.Official Major League baseballs can have a high value depending on the era the baseball was made and the condition. You need to identify the type of baseball and the age to find a value. Official Major League baseballs can be dated by identifying the League president's signature that is printed on the ball.

What are the cheats to Major League Baseball 2k9?

to unlock everything cheat type in black sox as your profile name.

What type of education is needed for baseball?

There are no educational requirements to play in MLB, meaning Major League Baseball. With that said, most players have a high school education.

Is there any major sports within 100 mile radius of Las Vegas?

Las vegas has a minor league baseball team, and a hockey team, but there are no " Major league " type teams that close. Los Angeles is your closest option.

What is the value of a Reach baseball that is in m?

The type, and age would be needed to put a value on the baseball. If it is an official Major League baseball it could be dated by the signature of the League President stamped on the ball. American League baseballs with the Reach Trademark had Red & Blue stitching, up until about 1934/35 when both leagues started to use red stitching only. Spalding along with the Reach label was producing Major league baseball for about 100 years until Rawlings took over around 1970, and Rawlings have been making major league baseballs ever since. See Related Links below for a price guide on Vintage Major League baseballs.

How much more is a autograph on a official mlb baseball than just a regular rawlings ball?

Major League Baseball more DesiredThe value of a Signature on a Major League ball could have a higher value than a signature on a "regular baseball" but the value will ultimately fall upon the quality of the signature, and the type of authenticity that accompanies it. A Major League baseball would be more desired for the signature resulting in a higher value. The condition of the ball would be a larger factor on value overall. Because the Major league baseball is more desired it doesn't always translate into a higher value. The signature, and how well it displays dictates the value.

Why does a major league baseball game get stopped for rain when a pro football game in the same weather does not?

Because the field will get messed up if the rain pools onto it and football is just regular grass. baseball fields are made of a special type of dirt that can be ruined if played on in the rain

How much is a baseball field?

you mean a baseball stadium? like a major league stadium or just a ball field with no stands or anything like a little league field? if a major league stadium, if you build it anything like the new Yankees stadium, around a billion dollars, lol if just a regular little league type field, probably a couple hundred dollars, depends if you do it yourself or if you hire people to do it

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