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Roller hockey can be played on dry and smooth surfaces, like asphalt or concrete. There are, however, companies that produce special surfaces for this purpose, such as IceCourt or Flex Court.

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Q: What type of surface is roller hockey played on?
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Was field hockey originally called field hockey?

No. Originally "field hockey" was not called that, as at the time of origin there was only one type of hockey with variations, played around the world. Outside of America and Canada field hockey is known by its original and formal name of hockey. It is only after the popular growth of ice hockey and roller hockey in North America that the word "field" was added to distinguish it.

Was ice hockey the first type of hockey played?

I believe the first kind of hockey was played on feet, not skates, it was called shinny. They played with some type of wooden block (similar to a puck), or some type of ball. An unlimited amount of people played. The oldest type of hockey is field hockey. There is an ancient Greek frieze depicting two field hockey players at Olympia, Greece.

What type of surface is field hockey played on?

Most modern hockey is played on an artificial turf, either a sand-based or water-based. However, many clubs and areas still play on actual grass, either out of tradition or necessity.

What equipment are needed in hockey?

Depends what type of hockey you're playing. Minimum for ice hockey: Shoulder pads, gloves, shin guards, elbow pads, a helmet, breezers, hockey socks (to cover shin guards) ice skates, compression shorts that will hold a cup or a jockstrap and a cup, a hockey stick, ice hockey skates For roller, all of the same except: No shoulder pads, roller hockey pants and an inline girdle instead of breezers, no hockey socks, roller hockey skates instead of ice hockey skates For ice hockey goalie: Goalie pants, a goalie groin protector and cup, a monkey suit, leg pads, a goalie helmet with a throat protector (preferably), goalie ice hockey skates, a goalies glove, a blocker, and a goalies stick For roller hockey goalie: Same as ice hockey goalie except roller hockey goalie skates For ice hockey: An ice rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a puck For roller hockey: A roller rink with nets on both sides of the rink and a roller puck (yes, they are different from ice picks. They're made to reduce friction and slide better on floors.) For street hockey: Some sort of net, a ball or puck, and a stick I think I covered a good portion of it. If I missed anything, I apologize. It's a great sport, have fun!

How do you get latex paint to dry smooth?

Your surface has to be very smooth to begin with. If you want an even paint job, use the roller type that matches your painting surface. Paint in "W" patterns and that should do it. There are good youtube directions for smooth surfaces, like cabinets. In a nutshell, you use a 9" roller to put a light coat on the surface. Then, use a small, 4" thin roller, to go over the surface, which will flatten out the pattern from the larger roller.

What is the most popular type of hockey and why?

Field hockey is the most popular type, owing to the fact that it can be played almost anywhere as long as there is enough room.

What are the specifications of a street hockey ball?

Street hockey is a game that is enjoyed by many young people. There are also professional leagues where adults enjoy the game. The game is played with a ball instead of a puck because of the surface. The ball is about three inches in size but can vary depending on the level and type of play.

What are the differences and simillarities between field hockey and mini hockey?

I will tell you the ones i know of. Mini hockey is only played in a half of a hockey field, or even smaller, and there are 8 that play. Field hockey is played full field (the whole hockey field) and you have 11 players that play (including the goalkeeper). They are both similar in that they both play with hockey sticks and they are still a type of hockey. The same rules apply in both.

On what type of surface is the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament played?


How is hockey played?

Exactly how hockey is played depends on the etams, the level of competition, and most importantly the type of hockey involved. The two major variations are field hockey and ice hockey, and apart from the fact they involve a stick to move an object, are pretty much completely different. More information can be found by asking about the specific type you refer to; answering for both in the same question would just take far too long to be any use. Hockey is a game played with skates. It is known to be played on ice but you can also play roller hockey. The equipment for hockey is; skates,stick,shin guards,helmet, elbow pads, gloves,hockey pants, and if you play ice hockey, you'll need a few extra things. In hockey there is a puck and players try to get the puck into the opponent's net. There are usually about five players on the rink for each team not including the goalies. Some divisions are played with four players for each team, in that case there'd be no offsides and no icing. There are three 15-20 minute periods, again it depends on the division. After the third period, who ever has the most goals, wins. Hockey is really a team sport and you have to be a good team player. There are 3 forwards and two defense. Or if it's four on four then you could play as two and two or 3 and 1. Those are just the basic rules of hockey. It'd take a lot of time to explain all the rules. Like offsides, icing, penalties.....

What do you wear when you play hockey?

When you play hockey mostly required equipment is a cage helmet (street or roller hockey) or just a visor helmet for ice hockey (you can also have a cage helmet for ice) Every type of hockey you should have shin guards Have to have hockey gloves Have to have hockey stick obviously Some people recommend having a mouth guard. Some places make you have elbow pads while some don't.

What type of simple machine is a rolling pin?

A "regular" rolling pin is a wheel and axle. The "wheel" here is the broad surface of the roller, and the handles are on the ends of the axle.

What type of surface is the football game played on?


What type of surface is tennis played on?

Clay And grass

The French Open is played on what type of surface?


What type of playing surface is used at the British Open?

The British Open is played on a grass surface.

What is a Greek sport that children played?

Young boys played a type of field hockey and the girls played ball games, learning to juggle, etc...non physical, such as checker type games also.

What type of surface is the wimbledon tennis tournament played on?


The French tournament in tennis is played in what city and on what type of surface?

The French Open is played in Paris and is played on clay.

What type of surface is the all England championships at Wimbledon played on?

Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

On what type of surface is the Winbledon Tennis Tournament played?


What type of surface in the All-England championships at Wimbledon played on?


Is Hockey Player an adjective?

in the term hockey player hockey is an adjective and player is the noun. Hockey is describing what type of player.

What type of surface is the all- England championships at Wimbledon played on?

Grass courts.

What type of roller coaster is the saw?

If you are talking about Saw the roller coaster, then it is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter.