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The original type of skateboard is much better than the other!

It is very hard to do tricks on longboards and on plastic cruisers

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2013-09-26 13:18:57
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Q: What type of style skateboard is good for tricks?
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Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a Skateboard?

Ummm....type of shoe does not really matter. What matters really is your skill with a skateboard. Asking "Do you need Vans to do any tricks on a skateboard" is like asking "Do you need a ladder to clean a toilet?" It is completely irrelevant and the answer to both is "No."

What type of product is Tech Deck?

Tech Deck is a brand of miniature skateboard. It has all of the working parts of an average skateboard, but it is about the size of one's finger. They often have unique designs and owners use them to do tricks.

Are sector 9 the skateboard used for cruising or tricks?

it depends on the type you get. i would reccomend going 2 the store and asking 4 advice. like zumiez

How much does a good skateboard cost?

$75-$125 depending on what type of brand it is

What tricks did Rodney mullen invent?

he invented alot of skateboard tricks but i do know a few of them. they are the impossible, the kickflip, the flatground ollie, the no comply and the casper diaster. there are tons more but if you want a full list, go to wikipedia and type in Rodney mullen.

What do the letters bcbg stand for?

Good Style. Good Class [In English]it is a type of shoe and it has style

What type of leadership style does Eric schmidt use?

The good type of leadership style. You know, that one.

Is Pig a real type of skateboard?

Yes, Pig is a brand of skateboard.

What type of skateboard does Justin Bieber have?

he rides a plan b skateboard

Can you fit any type of skateboard wheels on any skateboard?


What is the name of Zeke and Luthers skateboard?

well i no that the type of skateboard they use is mad.

What type of skateboard does Tony Hawk use?

Tony hawk uses a birdhouse skateboard

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