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Q: What type of starting pistol is used to start races in the 2014 Olympics?
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What is the name of a pistol used to signal a start of running events in track and field games?

Starting pistol

When did the Olympics start to let girls compete?

Women were able to participate in the Olympics starting in 1900.

Why do the Olympics start on August eighth?

The Olympic games start on August 8th because that's when China wanted them to start. There is no official starting date set for the Olympics, it is more a case of scheduling events and preparation of the area.

How should someone start a race?

I don't know about "should", but races are normally started with a sudden sound like a starter's pistol, or by a visual signal like a light or flag.

Where did the modern Olympics start?

Where did olympics start?

How can an athlete be disqualified at the start of the race in the Olympics?

starting before the gun goes off or if in a relay, dropping the baton.

When do the Winter Olympics Start?

The 2010 winter Olympics start on the 12th of feb.

When did women start taking part in the olmypic games?

Women were allowed to compete in the Olympics starting with the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.

What summer in the Olympics did fencing start?

Fencing has been contested at every Modern Olympic Games starting with the 1896 Games in Athens.

What date does the 2012-2013 championship league start?

August 18th - It's starting later than usual because of the Olympics.

What the the term jump the gun?

The term is a reference to someone starting something before they should. Originally, it refers to runners ready to the start a foot race starting to run before the starter pistol is fired.

What was the biggest firework display ever?

Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics. Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics. Probably the display at the start of the Beijing Olympics.