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Sports like Karate, Judo and Sumo Wrestling were created in Japan. Other sports like Baseball caught the eye of Japanese society during the occupation of Japan shortly after World War II.

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Q: What type of sports does Japan play?
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What sports do they play in Japan?

Football, sumo wrestling, and baseball are popular sports in Japan. Golf and the martial arts are also popular sports that are played in Japan.

What kind of sports are played in Japan?

All the sports you play, but maybe not cricket.

What sports to Japan girls do?

girls in Japan play softball and also do gymnastics.

What Sports dose Japan play?

baseball and soccer

What kinds of sports do they play in Japan?

sumo wrestling

What type of sports do the Jews play?

The same sports that Non-Jews play.

What type of sports do hondura play?

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Does Japan play different sports to us?

Japan has sumo wrestling with is not played in the United States.

What sports do Japan play?

Karate, Judo, and Sumo wrestling

What are the most played sports in japan?

In my opinion. Sumo wrestling, Baseball and Soccer is most played sports in Japan. People just love to play these sports and Sumo wrestling is like in them culture.

What type of sports do they play in el salvador?

what ever sports they like

What sports do girls play in Japan?

SOftball , gymnastic, strip poker

What type of sports do they play in Louisiana?

they play football in louisiana.

What sports do the Japanese like to play?

Sumo and baseball are big sports in Japan. They also appreciate the martial arts.

What type of sports do Chileans play?


What do they play in Japan?

they do many sports such as sumo, karate but the most famous is baseball

Have japan got different sports then us?

Japan have their own cultural sports, martial arts/sumo wrestling but generally no, they play soccer and basket ball and wrestling and many other sports just like everyone else

What type of sports do they play in Vietnam?

not exactly sure, i know they play soccer.

What type of sports do the fijians play?

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What type of sport do they play in Bahrain?

terrorist sports

What type of sports do Greeks play?

bull fighting

What type of sports do they play in Ethiopia?

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What type of sports do they play in Liberia?

in Liberia they play these sports hockey, basketball, golf, cricket, but the popular sport in Liberia is soccer

What sport do thy play in Japan?

Baseball is very popular sport, but they also play other sports like soccer.

Can adjustment disorder affect your desire to play sports?

Yes of course it will affect your desire tom play sports, let me know what type of sports you've engage of? if that sports you've engage of is different from what you've play before definitely it will affect your desire to play.