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Basketball,Football,Baseball,Soccer, Basically all sport but i prefer Basketball

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2013-04-26 02:38:28
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Q: What type of sports are physical activities that can be enjoyed throughout life?
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Sports and games for physical activities?


What 2 kinds of sports or recreational activities are enjoyed by the people in japan?

football and Baseball

What are examples of leisure activities?

sports and physical activites

What are some example of leisure activities?

sports and physical activites

Why are sports related to physical fitness?

You do not do physical activities without the sports. You enjoy the sports and you do not notice the strain of physical activities. In developed world, even the adults also do regular exercises and / or play the sports. In case of India, most of the people stop the physical activities, once the get the job. It is a great surprise that they do not get heart attacks as much expected from the physical inactivity. This is probably attributed to veg diet.

The difference between sports and music?

Sports are physical activities and music is something that you just listen to

Was henry viii interested in sports?

Yes. He apparently was an accomplished athlete who enjoyed such activities as tennis, wrestling and hunting.

What are the top physical activities in America?

palying sports runing fighting

Which sports did Pope John Paul II play?

When a boy he enjoyed playing soccer. He also enjoyed skiing and hiking until his declining health made those activities impossible.

When and where did sports start?

SpoRts StArted With the First People That Steped Foot On Earth They Are AnyTHing Like running anD PhysiCal ActivitiEs

Are sports important?

Sports are important for physical activities, health, strength, fitness and to keep people from obesity, diseases and more.

What sports or activities are related in physical fitness?

Any sport in which your breathing rate increases and you may feel the palpitation. That may be for very short time. In sports, you enjoy the physical activity. That is the beauty of sports.

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