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A sailboat without a sail is but a hull of itself.

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Q: What type of sailboat is hull?
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Related questions

What type of hull does a trawler and sailboat have?

round bottom hull

How do you find hull speed of a sailboat?

To determine the hull speed of a sailboat, multiply the square root of the length at the water line by 1.34. The answer will be in nautical miles per hour.

How much does a Sunfish sailboat hull weigh?

That depends on what length Sunfish you are referring to.

What is the hull of a sailboat?

The hull of a boat is the body of the boat. it is the part of the boat in the water. excluding the mast, boom, sail, rudder, keel, etc.

Why does a sailboat float?

A sailboat will have positive buoyancy if the weight of the boat is less than the weight of the water it takes the place of. The weight of the water that is being occupied by the hull is displacement.

What is the fastest type of sailboat?

As a general rule, catamarans have a higher average speed than mono-hull sailboats. Catamarans are not the fastest sailboat, only sailboats that are know for their speed. In fact the fastest type of sailboat that is available is actually a trimaran; however there is a new design that is currently in the finaly stages of development called the monosailor, when testing is done it is believed that the top speed will reach over 100knts all by wind power.

Which type of hull is a planing hull?

flat bottom hull

What is the hull speed for a Catalina 22 sailboat?

A rough estimate of hull speed in knots is 1.34 times the square root of the length at the waterline in feet. The Catalina 22 has a 19 foot waterline, leading to an estimated hull speed of 5.8 knots

This type of power allows a sailboat to sail?

The wind is what causes a sailboat to sail.

What is the world record of speed for a sailboat?

The highest sailboat speeds are by "non-displacement hull" sailboats, such as catamarans and trimarans. The world record speed attained, by official records, is 64 miles per hour for a trimaran.

Where are the Hughes 38 sailboat hull molds now?

The Hughes plant burned down in 1991, I understand with all molds.

Should your sailboat get water in the outer hull?

Some water in the hull is inevitable; that's why bilge pumps and bailing buckets were invented. But a constant inflow of water is a bad sign; you may have a leak somewhere.

What supports the sail on a sailboat?

the mast and some ropes The sail is attached to the mast, which is in turn supported by stays (lines running from the mast fore and aft to the hull) and shrouds (lines running from the mast to the sides of the hull).

Cruising sailboats and trawlers have what type of hull?

Mono Hull

What type of hull does a sailboat have?

There are many variants: Some single-hulled sailboats have V-hulls, while others are flat-bottomed. Others are twin-hulled and these are called catamarans. Yet others are called trimarans because they have THREE hulls.

What Most cruising sailboats and trawlers have what type of hull?

A round hull.

BE-37 Most cruising sailboats and trawlers have what type of hull?

Round Bottom hull

Most cruising sailboats and trawlers have what type of hull?

A round hull.

Water current has the greatest effect on which type of boat?

Displacement Sailboat

A 5 letter word for a type of sailboat?

it's a sloop

What type of hull handles rough water best?

Deep V hull

Does the shape of the sailboat affect its sail?

There is a constantly ongoing interrelationship between hull shape, angle of heel, immersed hull area and shape, windage and wind resistance of the uppers of a hull, angle and speed of the wind, sea state, and the sail. So yes -- clearly there is. If you're asking, "does a given hull design place a requirement on the size and type of sails?" -- yes it also does. A hull designed for a fore-and-aft rig typically will not perform well with a squaresail rig. Likewise, putting up a 180% Genoa headsail on a sabot just... won't.... do. Typically, the designer allows for the rig(s) in the overall boat design.

How fast can a sailboat sail?

It depends on many factors. The hull shape, how the sails are rigged, how much sail area you have, the ability of the crew, the wind speed, the tide.

What is metaphor for sailboat?

Sailboat is your head Sailboat is your headSailboat is your head

What type of planning hull handles rough water best?

Deep V Hull

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