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You play Basketball on a court, not a "playing field".

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Q: What type of playing field does basketball require?
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What are the materials use in playing basketball?

Clothes needed for basketball is some type of uniform and basketball shoes you shouldn't wear baggey clothing while playing basketball.

Can you be offered a basketball scholership from playing rec league basketball?

Yes, but you must have some type of education

What type of injuries happen when playing basketball?

Broken bones, infections and dislocations

What type of knee injury can stop you from playing basketball again?

A torn ACL or MCL.

What type of education is needed to achieve playing basketball?

you dont need it just need to know how to play

How do you type a basketball?

You cannot "type" a basketball. A basketball is an object you use in the sport of basketball to shoot it through the hoop.

Where could one purchase a basketball case?

One can purchase basketball cases online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the page, type 'case basketball' into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the cases.

What type of course would a university require addition to coursework for a specific field?

A variety of general curriculum

Does an hr job require education?

An hr job will require education depending on the type of job, location, and company. I recommend you start out with a degree in this field and go from there.

What type of sports are the Virginia Cavaliers most known for playing?

The Virginia Cavaliers are the athletic teams which represent the University of Virginia. Their sports include, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, field hockey, softball, cross country, track & field, volleyball, swimming & diving, wrestling, tennis and rowing.

What type of athletics does Villanova University have?

Villanovan University has the following athletics: Men's basketball, Women's basketball, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Cross Country, Track and Field. The university teams are known as Wildcats

What is a composite basketball?

The type of leather on a basketball