What type of patient who use a walker?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Q: What type of patient who use a walker?
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What type of breathing system would you use on a 3.2 kg patient?

A non-rebreathing system

Which type of breathing system would you use for a 3.2 kg patient?

Non-rebreathing system

What type of clinics use a hydrocollator?

A hydrocollator is a liquid heat that is used mostly in physical therapy clinics. It stores hot pocks and such for patient use at the clinic. This will depend on the physical therapy a patient is receiving.

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a 5 panel test

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Probably a cancer patient.

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The type of imaging chosen by the physician depends on the type of tissue being examined. If it is hard bone, they will use x-rays. For soft tissue, Doppler or MRI imaging may be preferred.

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