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There is no rm 125 fourstroke they make a drz.

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Q: What type of oil does a suzuki rm 125 4 stroke use?
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2007 125 2 stroke suzuki oil and petrol mixture?

hey how much u put in your oil 98 suzuki 125 2 stroke ?

What oil type does a suzuki zillion take?

semi sinthetic 2 stroke oil

What kind of oil for Suzuki GZ 125 marauder?

What kind of oil for Suzuki GZ 125 marauder?

2006 Suzuki drz 125 dirt bike what type and how much motor oil it is a 4 stroke?

Im running 10-30 castrol full synthetic oil in mine and 840ml nearly a quart

What type of oil does a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C90T use?

Suzuki 4- stroke motorcycle engine oil Sp-4A SAE 10W - 40

Oil change suzuki 140 4 stroke outboard?

How to. Changing the oil and filter on a 07, 140 4 stroke suzuki.

How do you tell if a suzuki en 125 needs oil?

Check it

How do you do an oil change marauder 125?

i have put to much oil in my suzuki gz 125 marauder and need to know how to get it out. Paul Harris

What is the oil mixture for a 2000 suzuki rm 125?

32 TO 1

Suzuki rm 125 fuel oil ratio?


Is a 1980 suzuki ds 80 a 2 stroke or a four stroke?

2 stroke but u dont have to mix the gas and oil on early models they are oil injected

Is a 1986 Suzuki DR100 a 2 stroke engine?

No, the Dr 100 is a 4 stroke. Suzuki did made a 2 stroke dirt bike called the Ds80 with oil injection bottle under the seat.

Is there a oil filter on a 1998 Yamaha yz 125?

No oil filter, the YZ125 is a 2 stroke.

Suzuki ATV 500 gas oil mixture?

Oil mix for 2 stroke kids arc

What oil Suzuki marauder 125?

10 w 40 semi synthetic

What oil do you put in a suzuki vl 125?

10w/40 semi-synthetic

What kind of oil for for 2001 Suzuki jr 80?

standard 2 stroke oil snowmobile or dirt bike oil

What is the gas oil mixture in a Suzuki gs 500?

on my suzuki gs 500 e motorbike you dont mix oil and gas its a four stroke engine

Does a 99 Honda 125 4 stroke need oil mixed in with gas?

Four stroke engines use an oil sump, and do not need to have oil mixed into their fuel.

What kind of oil do you put into suzuki motorcycles?

type of oil does a suzuki intruder 650 take

Is a 1999 suzuki king quad 300 a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

an 1999 suzuki king quad is 4 stroke running straight gas the oil goes in at the back of the ATV right of the hitch should see the oil cap clear as day

Does the Yamaha 125 YZ have a separate oil tank?

no its premix but there is 4 stroke oil in the gear box

Where do you put the 2 stroke oil in your tzr 125?

Under the seat there is the tank for the oil, with a cap on saying Motor Oil

What 2 stroke oil does a suzuki sport quad 80 take?

it will take any 2 stroke oil just mix it with petrol with a ratio of 25/1

2001 suzuki 125 transmission fluid?

If you are talking a RM 125 then I would use Redline shockproof gear oil ......IT IS AMAZING.