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Under the seat theres two nuts un screw those and that is your oil resivoir wich injects into your carb fill that resivoir with 2 stroke oil and u can tell wen its full by looking at the window on the side for the dip stick i put regular 10w 30 and mine runs fine

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Q: What type of oil do you put in your yamaha pw80?
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How much oil do you put in the crankcase of a Yamaha pw80?

.69 US quart .79 if disassembled

How do you change a throttle cable diagram Yamaha pw80?

take the old one off than put the new one on simple as that.

What crankcase oil do you put in a Yamaha pw 80?

10w-30 engine oil preferably motorcycle type oil for wet clutch.

What type of gear oil do you put in a Yamaha pw50?

10w 30 1/3 qt

1997 Yamaha Blaster type of oil for crank case?

the oil is called type F it was originaly made for ford motors but most people put it in the blaster

WHAT type of oil do you put in on a 1980 Yamaha Virago 750?

SAE 10w30 Full Synthetic, any major brand.

Where to put razz Yamaha oil?

2 places

Where is the oil input and how do you put the oil in a Yamaha PW80?

AnswerIf its the 2 stroke oil you want to put in, it needs to be mixed in a petrol can with the petrol, usually to a ratio of 50;1. If its the engine oil it only goes in the clutch housing as it is a wet clutch. If the hole is about half way up the casing, it usually means you keep bike upright and top up until its running back out the hole. Note: Although the above answer will work, the PW80 is an auto-injector bike. The oil tank is located under the seat which is removed with 2 10mm nuts accessed under the rear fender. There is a viewing window on the left side cover to check the oil level. You should use Auto-Injection 2-stroke oil available from a Yamaha dealer.we have one in the family. you have to remove the seat as above but you do not have to mix the petrol and oil yourself

How much oil do you put in a 1996 Yamaha Blaster?


What oil do you put in a Yamaha grizzly 125?

yamalube 20w30

What kind of oil do you put in Yamaha scooter?

Wee wee

What is the best gear oil to put in a Yamaha blaster?

Synthetic lube

Where do you put the oil on a 1990 Yamaha radian?

On the lower left side next to the clutch spring there is a twist knob. Unscrew it and put some oil in it

How much transmission oil do you put in your 1975 Yamaha dt250?

1000 cc

How much oil do you put into a banshee Yamaha 350 twin?

1.8 quarts

How much oil to put in a 2004 Yamaha r6?

About 2.75q with a new filter, and about 2.5q if you are just changing the oil

How do you put a carburetor on a PW80 back to factory setting?

Not shure

How much oil does Yamaha virago 250 use?

When changing the oil in a Yamaha Virago 250, it depends on the engine size as to how much oil to put in. If it is a 1.4L only 0.36 gallons of oil are needed. However, if it is a 2L then 0.52 gallons are necessary. Do not overflow the reservoir.

What kind of oil do you put in a 1987 Yamaha Warrior 350?

About 2.5 Quarts of 10w 40 wet clutch oil.

What kind of oil do you put in a 2001 Yamaha blaster crankcase?

stock yamalube 4 stroke oil for the transmission only

How much oil do you put in a Yamaha PW 50?

the amount is stamped on side of case

How much oil do you put it a 1999-2002 Yamaha R-6?

3.6 quarts

Can you put regular gasoline in your Yamaha ttr-90 dirt bike?

yes if it is 4stroke witch i think ttr 90 is! use good type of gas, you have separate place for engine oil, but with 2stroke engines you have to mix gas and oil together.

How do you put fork oil in front fork for a 1981 Yamaha 750 virogo?

you apply oil to the suspension area and then push it up and down to work the oil in.

Do you put 2stroke engine oil and regular oil in a 50cc Yamaha dirt bike?

yes 2 stroke in the bottle on the handle bars and oil in the trans.