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A pulled muscle in the leg

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Q: What type of injury is a pulled hamstring?
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Is a hamstring injury also known as tennis elbow?

what'S a hamstring

What can you do for a hamstring injury?

ice and stretch

Why did the pig go to the doctor?

It pulled a hamstring.

What is the best description for a hamstring injury?

In case of a hamstring injury, one or more of the hamstring muscles get stretched too far. It is even possible that the muscle starts to tear. One is most likely to get this injury during exercises such as running or jumping.

What are some common injuries that wide receivers suffer?

One common injury that a wide receive will suffer from is a pulled hamstring. They can also suffer from head concussions.

How long does it take for a pulled hamstring to heal?

this painful injury can take up to a month, all you can do is use icepacks, heat and topical creams and lots of rest.

How do you know if you have a pulled hamstring?

You will be able to feel a tightness in the area that you pulled the muscle.And it will be sore.

What precations should i use to continue to play softball with a pulled hamstring?

A pulled hamstring takes weeks to heal and it's not a good idea to play at all. If you can even walk you're doing well and if you can walk without moderate to sever pain then it's probably strained and not pulled. Either way you will aggravate the injury and turn a couple of weeks into months.

Which websites have information about hamstring injury?

You can find information about a hamstring injury online at the Mayo Clinic. Another place where you can find this information online is from the WebMD website.

What type of doctor would you se for a hamstring injury?

You'd probably be best served by finding a physician who specializes in "sports medicine".

Why are there so many hamstring injuries in the NFL?

The hamstring is the main muscle you use to run. It's more common to had an injury.

What happens when you get a hamstring injury?

It depends on the severity of the injury and the location. A tear in the muscle or tendon is called a strain.

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