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Weightlifting and aeroics are by far the best. Cheerleaders need to be strong in order to do gymnastics and stunt. Aerobics is great for conditioning your heart to get through a routine without being out of breath, plus you will become stronger. You can't go wrong with cardio and weight training. you can also do cartwheels and stretches. it helps you not disconnect any muscles. hope i answered your question

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It all depends on opinion, but from a cold point of view, gymnastics. It has tumbling, dance, and 4 different events you must learn to conquer. Plus, the mental blocks in gymnastics are another thing in itself to learn to overcome. And for elite gymnasts, the conditioning is BRUTAL. In addition, gymnasts have to learn to be powerful but make it look flawlessly graceful at the same time. With gymnastics, you're basically aiming for perfection and trying as hard as you can to make everything look easy to the audience when it is clearly not, by any means. However, cheer is also a good sport. You must really nail the tumbling and it takes a lot more teamwork.

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just tumbling. the other things are a waste of time unless you want to do them

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Cheerleading isn't dancing. they're two totally different sports. Cheerleading includes stunting, tumbling, cheering, dancing, and jumping. The type of dance depends on who's team your on.

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Q: What type of gymnastics should cheerleaders do?
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