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Any distance Golf ball should be more durable and less expensive then most other types of golf balls. They are made with two layers and are hallow in the center which makes them less expensive and yet durable.

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Q: What type of golf ball is durable and less expensive?
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Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a golf ball?

a golf ball because it has less mass

What is the dianeter of a golf ball?

The Golf Ball has a diameter not less than 1.680 in (42.67 mm).

How many centimeters in a golf ball?

The diameter of a golf ball is not less than 4.27 centimeters.

What is the regulation size of a golf ball?

The diameter of a golf ball must be no less than 1.680 inches. Under the rules of Golf.

Would a frozen golf ball have less rebound than a boiled golf ball?

In essence yes because all of the particles have frozen and expanded making the ball brital Now when you hit the ball with a golf club the kinetic energy will be isolated a bit from the ball making it slower and have less rebound then a boiled golf ball.

What ball bounces higher golf ball or ping pong ball?

A golf ball will bounce higher. It has more mass so it is less influenced by air resistance.

What is the size of 13 millimeters compared to a golf ball?

The standard diameter of a golf ball is supposed to be not less than 42.67 millimeters. So 13 millimeters is a tiny bit less than 1/3 of the way through a golf ball.

Diameter of a golf ball?

No less than 1.68 inches.

Is less dimples on a golf ball better or worse?


Is there a difference range golf balls and regulator golf balls?

Possibly. Many golf clubs and driving ranges use "limited flight" balls. This requires less space for the actual range itself. The "range ball" is designed in such a way (with shallower dimples) that prevents it from flying as far as a "standard" flight golf ball. Range balls also typically have a harder cover, making the ball more durable (but less forgiving and further decreasing its flight). Ask the pro at the club or an employee at the range, and they should be able to tell you what kind of ball is used (limited or regular flight).

How does a golf ball fall faster than a tennis ball?

The golf ball has less air resistance then the tennis ball, and so accelerates slightly quicker (it will also have a greater terminal velocity).

How is the scoring done in golf?

The strokes. less strokes, the better. strokes are how many times you hit the golf ball