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If it looks like the player who fouled did it on purpose then it would be called an intentional foul. otherwise just a foul

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Q: What type of foul is called when a player pushes a player in the back in the act of shooting the ball?
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Newton's third law states that for any action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you shoot a shotgun it pushes back on your shoulder, it's called a kick.

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When a player hits the ball with the back of the racket what is it called?

its called a backhand

What does a shooting sleeve help with in basketball?

Shooting sleeves are meant to help players practice their shots on their own. Shooting sleeves are also know as rebounders or hoop chutes. The shooting sleeve attaches to the bottom of the rim and has a directional design that is meant to bring the ball back to the player. This type of equipment is helpful if the player has a good shot and wants to practice free throws or a shot from some other location where they will not be moving around the court. A shooting sleeve does nothing to return airballs or missed shots.

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An intermittent shooting pain on the left side of the neck is likely a condition called neuralgia. This is caused when the nerve is signaled to fire for an unknown reason.

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Your bottoms weight pushes against the chair and the chair pushes back against your bottom.

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frictional force

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What is crosscheck in hockey?

A crosscheck is when a player holds their stick in front them (how they would a shopping cart handle) and pushes another player on the opposite team with their stick, often across their back. This will get the crosschecker a 2 minute penalty for cross checking.

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When people are shooting at a house from the street and the homeowners shoot back could the homeowners get into trouble for shooting back?

They could- but there are too many variables here to give you one answer.

What is it called when a touchdown is called back?

they probably had a foul or the player made an illegal move.

Can a player push another player in the back to advance the ball?

In theory, no. Although it is rarely called.

What is the name of a right back player in volleyball?

they are called the lebro

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If the rocket pushes the gas backward, then the gas pushes back on the rocket - obviously in the forward direction.

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The boats motor pushes water back, producing an equal and opposite force that pushes the boat forward.

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Sharp shooting pain in the lower right back could be from a couple different things. The pain could indicate kidney stones or back spasms.

Does Newton's third law of motion apply to football?

newton's 3rd law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. therefore when it comes to football, yes. if a player pushes against another player the opposite body will push back as well.