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The number code. 1-19 quarterbacks, kickers, and punters 20-49 halfbacks, fullbacks, corners, and safeties 10-19- wide recievers, quarterbacks 80-89 tight ends, wide recievers 50-59 linebackers, centers 60-79 Offensive Tackles, Defensive Tackles/Ends, Guards, and centers 90-99 Defensive Tackles/Ends, and lineackers

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Probably, the casual unofficial sort played by two groups of people without formal rules.

The Melbourne Football Club rules of 1859 are the oldest surviving set of laws for Australian football. The meeting so-associated, was chaired by Tom Wills, also of the Melbourne Football Club.

The first official association football rules are reported to be those written by the English Football Association in 1863.

Their game is sometimes known as 'Association Football' which is now apparently the most popular team game in the world.

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copa america

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In England it is the F.a. cup.

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Q: What type of football is the oldest game in the world?
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