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in old style and very good quality shuttlecocks they use real feathers. Most though are made of plastic

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Goose feathers. That is what is being announced on MSNBC

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Q: What type of feather's are used in a Olympic shuttlecock?
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With which of the birds feather is usually shuttle cork made used in badmintion With which bird's feathers is the shuttlecock used in badminton usually made?

goose feathers...

Uses of shuttlecock?

a shuttlecock is either a plastic or feathered conical objet. feathered are usually 14-16 goose feathers and are put to better use if advanced players use them,...otherwise they will be destroyed in minutes

Why do they call the projectile in badminton a shuttlecock?

Shuttlecock is a slightly more outdated term for this object that comes from the original source of the feathers, which used to come from chickens or roosters.

What are other names for a shuttlecock?

The Shuttlecock or Shuttle is the old name or original name for the "ball" in badminton. It is also commonly referred to as "the bird" or "birdie".

What do you use a shuttlecock for?

A shuttlecock is used to play badminton.

What sport plays with a shuttlecock?

A shuttlecock is traditionally made with goose feathers stuck into a cork base, but rubber and plastic shuttlecocks are more common now, as they are less easier to become damaged or ripped. The sport that shuttlecocks are used in is badminton.

The ball used in badminton?

A shuttlecock (often abbreviated to shuttle and also known as a bird or birdie) is a high-drag projectile, with an open conical shape: the cone is formed from sixteen overlapping goose feathers embedded into a rounded cork base. The cork is covered with thin leather. Shuttles with a plastic skirt are often used by recreational players to reduce their costs as feathered shuttles break easily.

What is the name of the feathered ball used in badminton?

It is either called a birdie or a shuttlecock or shuttle for short.

What speed shuttlecock should a beginner use?

The speed of a shuttlecock to be used is be dependent on the playing conditions (i.e. temperature) and not on the skill level of player. In colder conditions, a shuttlecock with higher speed should be used and vice versa.

What did the vanes of a shuttlecock used to be made of?


Can Peafowl feathers save life's?

Yes, because doctors used a type of liquid from the feathers to heal snake bites.

Why do people take feathers from the left wing of a goose for a shuttlecock?

Because if they used the right wing they wouldn't be able to make black shuttlecocks.