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The best way to choose a dirt bike size, is to see if your feet can touch the ground.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 14:51:16
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Q: What type of dirt bike should you get for a 5ft 6 person?
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What type of oil do you use for a Yamaha ttr 90 dirt bike?

The precise type of oil that a Yamaha TTR 90 dirt bike should use can depend on the year the bike had been manufactured ad should be listed in the manual for the bike. For a 2002 Yamaha TTR 90 bike, the recommended oil type is 10W-30 (when 10 degrees Fahrenheit or above) and 20W-40 (when 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above).

How much do dirt bike brakes cost?

it all depends on the type of bike. Do you have one in mind? I'm not sure how much it cost but you should go into a local dirt bike shop and find out. I hope his helps

How much you should pay for a new motorcycle?

Your question is way to vague. You should specify the type of motorcycle (i.e. dirt bike, cruiser, sport bike, etc).

What type of clothing should one wear when riding a dirt bike?

When riding a dirt bike, one should wear the safest gear possible. There are plenty places where you can go buy some authentic dirt bike gear. Try going to the online market BTO Sports, they provide all information on their clothes and you can buy for a good price.

Can dirt bikes have lights and turning signals?

This type of dirt bike is commonly known as an Enduro Bike

What type of dirt bikes are the fastest?

The Fastest Dirt Bike Is A KTM.

What was the first Dirt Bike ever made?

the first dirt-bike ever made was a honda. There were bike manufatures in Europe that were making dirt type bikes before Honda was even a company.

What was the first type of dirt bike?

your mother

What brake fluid do you use for dirt bike?

You should use DOT 4 brake fluid for dirt bikes. This is the most common type of brake fluid available on the market.

How do you get a dirt bike licnse? How-to-make-a-dirt-bike-street-legal If you donโ€™t know the proper steps on how to make a dirt bike street legal, Go to our site to know more. Here We provide information about all type of gear information, and review. We try to provide information about all type of gear like Gas dirt Bike, ATVs, Three Wheeler, Four Wheeler, Motocross, Motorcycle, etc for our visitor.

How can you find out what type of dirt bike you have?

Usually the name/brand of the dirt bike is written in rather large letters on both sides of the bike. The model will be written in much smaller letters near the rear tire of the bike.

How can i convince my Mum and Dad to let me get a dirt bike and what type should i get i am tall?

tell them why you love this sport and if your tall get an 85cc or 125cc

What is faster a horse or a dirt bike?

both because with a horse it would depend that if it has been trained like for a race but on a average horse then a dirt bike if faster but see with a dirt bike it depends on the type of engine it has because if the engine is beat up the yes 100% would the horse beat it but if it was a good engine the yes the dirt bike would win but on average it would probably turn out to be the dirt bike would win.

How long does a suzuki dirt bike last?

Suzuki makes a good bike, however this is too vague of a question. This would depend on what model of Suzuki dirt bike, the type of riding you do, maintenance and how hard you ride it.

What type of dirt bike does Andrew Short ride?

Honda crf450.

How many spark plugs does a 03 suzuki gsxr 750 have?

An 03 Suzuki gsxr 750 is a dirt bike. This type of dirt bike has only one spark plug in the motor.

What type of clothing is needed for dirt bikes?

dirt bike clothing: shirt, pants, helmet and other protective gear

What Type Of Dirt Bike should a 13 year old boy with no experience ride?

Try a Yamaha TTR 125 or CRF 150 (not the motocross version).

What type of dirt bike is good for an 11 year old?

A Yamaha 125

What races are available to the owner of a 250cc dirt bike?

Depending on the type of racing you would like to get into and how far you are willing to travel will determine where you can race your dirt bike. If you are interested in racing locally, returning to a store that carries this bike (or from whom you purchased the bike) will likely be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, a dirt bike magazine or a browsing online for locations near you will help to narrow your search.

Where can you ride a dirt bike in England?

Check this link out:

Where can one go to learn dirt bike jumps?

Dirt bike jumps is a type of sport categorized a motor sports. there are several different types of jumps involved in dirk bike jumping. Usually people learn the different jumps and moves from on hands experience at a local dirt track built for motorcycles only.

What type of gas does the kx 125cc kawasaki dirt bike take?

Regular gas

Is it legal to ride a dirt bike on public roads outside of city limits as long as it's not on a highway?

It depends on the state and the type of bike.

Can you make a dirt bike road legal if so whats needed and where do i get it from?