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The type of defense in ultimate frisbee is defending.

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Q: What type of defense is used in ultimate Frisbee?
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How did Ultimate Frisbee got its name?

It's actually just called Ultimate. Frisbee is just a brand name for the "discs" used in the sport of ultimate. So i guess they just decided to call it ultimate because it was so awesome.

How many grams are the frisbees used in ultimate frisbee weigh?

the official weight of a competition disc is 175 g

What is the average intense ultimate frisbee field size?

A soccer feild is the most commonly used field, 10000000000000km x 10000000000000000km

What are the equipments used in Ultimate Frisbee?

Cones to mark the boundaries and end zones of a field (so eight). A disc (175 grams) Kleats are highly recommended

What are muscles used in ultimate Frisbee?

Legs and abs for running and stability while throwing, throwing starts with legs then core, then triceps, then forearm for the snap on the toss

What type of defense is used when a defense attorney claims that the defendant's actions were necessary to ensure his or her safety?


What type of catch is used when the Frisbee is below waist level and the thumb is pointing up?

thump-up catch

Which type of defense is used when a defense attorney claims that the defendants actions were necessary to ensure his safety?

The question is unclear but you may be describing a "Self-Defense" defense.

What type of defense mechanism is used by surpressing childhood trama?


What is stall count used for in ultimate frisbee?

The stall count is used to speed up the game and to avoid players running the clock. At the first utterance of the number ten, the thrower must have released the disc from their possession or else it is a turnover.

What positions are used in ultimate frisbee and what skills does the player need to have to play them?

Handler- The quarterback of frisbee, this player is typically the best thrower on the team and must master many different types of throws. Midfielder- This player (on offense) makes cuts to try to get open to catch a handler's throw to advance the disc. On defense, this player trys to block a certain player or area from getting the disc. Long- This player stands in the back and either waits for a far throw (or 'huck') to go to him or for a huck to block.

How is the frisbee used?

A Frisbee's main purpose is to be thrown to another person in a recreational or competitive manner. However, during my time playing Ultimate Frisbee, I have found many other uses for a disc, including:A food plateA drinking saucerA way to hold multiple items (keys, wallet, phone, etc.)Knocking items out of treesIn the end, you can use Frisbees to whatever purpose you like, as long as it works for you!

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