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Discreet data.

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Q: What type of data is an example of The number of dimples on a golf ball?
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What Is An Example Of Quantitve Data?

number of shoes

Show example of quantitative data?

An example of quantitative data would be the number of people born in 1 hour.

The number of siblings you have is an example of numerical data?


What is an example of synthesizing?

Using data from a number of sources to come to a conclusion

What is the difference between data and results?

The Data is the Work, for example if you did a science fair project, and the data was the red ball went the farthest that would be the data and the results is explaning which ball went the farthest. (If you are doing a project then probably put Data and results on the same paper

How old is your 44 cal Winchester rifle number 67123? has Winchester sn data that will get you in the ball park.

No alphabetic characters in a social security number field is an example of?

is called data integrity

What are discrete quantitive data?

First let's look at what quantitative data is.Quantitative data are numeric.Discrete data are numeric data that have a finite number of possible values.So it is numerical data that can only have a finite number of possible values.One often used example of discrete quantitative data is the number 1,2 3, and 4 corresponding to strongly agree, agree, neutral, and don't agree,

What data is in a spreadsheet cell?

it is a section in the spreadsheet where you enter data

How do you find the modal number?

The mode of a data set is the one item (or number) that appears the most. For example a data set of 1, 3, 3, 5 would have a mode of 3.

Examples of quantitative data?

Quantitative data is Information that can be expressed in numerical terms, counted, or compared on a scale. An example of a quantitative data is: 'the number of 911 calls received in a month'.

What is a range of data?

When you are presented with a set of data and you need to find the range, you must subtract the lowest number in your data set from the highest number in the data set provided. For example, you are presented with this data set and you must find the range of the data. 34, 82, 43, 13, 14 You have to subtract the lowest number (13) from the highest number (82) so the range of this data set is 69. If you want to find the range you look at your data. Then you find the maximum number and the minimum and you subtract the two. Then you have your range.