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Q: What type of buisness is a professional football team?
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What type of business is a professional football team?


What type of sports are associated with the Perth Glory?

Perth Glory is an Australian football team. Perth Glory is a professional team, but it also offers a development program. Australian football is not the same as American football.

What type of club is Tranmere Rover's?

The Tranmere Rover's club was founded in 1884 from Birkenhead, Wirral. The Tranmere Rover's club is a football club that is a professional English team.

What professional football team is 747s?

The New York Jets.

What is Arkansas football team name?

razorbacks, a type of hog.

Which football team has the letters football in its name?

Type your answer here...University of California at Los Angeles Bruins

What type of business is hot topic?

its a partnershipp type buisness[===

What type of business is Nike?

nike is a secondary type of buisness

What type of food do the England football team eat?

English food

What team is so good to play?

Any type of professional team is hard, but fun to play against.

What type of insurance do you need for a restaurant?


What is the largest score at a football match?

Type your answer here... 56(home team) to 35(visiting team)