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Q: What type of brain wave is most associated with sleep?
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In Stage 4 sleep what type of brain waves do you have?

Delta Waves (APEX)

Is Dementia associated with non sleep?

Yes, you can get a type of short term dementia from lack of sleep, however this is not the same thing as the dementia associated with long term deterioration that the elderly display.

Why every organism needs to sleep?

organisms need rest to refresh their body .sleep is the type of rest that s why after take sleep our brain has refreshed.

Which type of brain wave is emitted when a person enters stage one sleep?


Type of brain wave is emitted when a person enters stage one sleep?


What type of thunderstorm is associated with tornadoes?

Tornadoes are most often associated with a type of thunderstorm called a supercell.

What type of nervous tissue cells are associated with epilepsy?

The gray matter of the brain, usually in the left temporal lobe.

What is the most common type of Cerebral amyloid angiopathy?

The most common form of CAA is the sporadic form associated with aging. This type of CAA usually causes lobar hemorrhage, which may recur in different lobes of the brain.

What type of air is associated with most thunderstorms?

which kind of air mass is most often associated with thunderstorms

What are the differences between your imagination and your dreams?

Imagination : Some thoughts you want to have or your brain analyses and predicts.Dream : When you doze off to sleep, your brain processes some stored memories or thoughts and forms dreams. It is a type of involuntary thinking your brain does in your sleep.

What type of boat is mostly associated in canals?

Longboats are most usually associated with canals

What is the most common brain surgery?

A craniotomy is a type of brain surgery. It is the most commonly performed surgery for brain tumor removal

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