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Yorker Bowling is closer to the wicket.

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Q: What type of bowling is closer to the wicket full toss or yorker?
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What is closer to the wicket full toss or yorker?

Obviously Yorker

What is a full form of lbw?

lbw stands for 'leg before wicket'

What is maiden wicket?

A maiden wicket is a term used when a bowler bowls his full quota of 6 balls in the over and does not concede any run and also manages to take a wicket. If the over does not concede any runs it is called a maiden over.

What is a six letter word that means a full-pitch delivery in cricket?


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How do you play a yorker?

Yorker is usually bowled on the batsmens toe. So the best way to play a shot is to move forward on it to make it a full toss and play a shot or move back the tiniest back and block it out.

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In what year did kumble get a ten wicket haul?

Kumble got a ten wicket haul in the year 1999 against Pakistan at the Feroz shah kotla Delhi....!!!! Check out this link for the full score card of the test match..!!!

Is the batsman out in the bowler bowles the ball full toss straight to batsman's shoulder and the batsman hits the wickets with his bat?

Yes. It's Hit Wicket.

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What is the maximum length of a cricket bowl?

The maximum Length of a cricket bowl is a yorker. It is very full close to the batsmen's legs. There is even full toss, which means it comes up to the batsmens body without bouncing.