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a bently

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Q: What type of boat does Tiger Woods own?
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What charity does Tiger Woods like the most?

Probably his own, The Tiger Woods Foundation.

Does Tiger Woods own nike?

No, but he is their biggest name.

Is Tiger Woods invested in the Golf Channel?

Does tiger woods own part of the golf channel?

Why doesn't Tiger woods own his own aircraft?

Tiger's a fractional owner in NetJets. He doesn't need his own plane/jet.

Does Tiger Woods own house in barbados?

Tiger Woods is building a new home in Jupiter Florida. As of February, 2009, it was still far from complete.

Who taught Tiger Woods from age 9 to 1996?

Watching his dad hit golf balls into a net in his garage had his own set at age 2 and putted against bob hope

What is the name golfing great Tiger Woods name of his private yacht?

Tiger woods does own a very big and expensive yacht, but he doesn't live on it.

Where can someone watch a video about Tiger Woods and his Hole in One?

Videos of Tiger Woods' first PGA tournament win can be found on YouTube. Footage can also be found on Tiger Woods' own website and archive sites such as APArchive, and sports sites such as ESPN.

How much has Tiger Woods donated to charity?

100,000.00 In keeping with tradition at events he hosts, Tiger Woods quickly donated his first-place, $1.2 million check to the Tiger Woods Foundation. Woods has donated his winnings from this event to the Foundation each year of its 13-year history. Woods' winnings along with event proceeds benefit TWF's college-access programs, which provide underserved youth with a shot at college. Designed to break through a culture of low expectations, TWF's college-access programs reach young people in all stages of academic life.

What is Tiger Woods favorite logo?

Probably his own TW logo which is on the front of his hat, it obviously stands for Tiger Woods. Apart from that, his next favourite would probably be the Nike Swoosh logo, he has been sponsored by Nike for 14 years now.

How was Tiger Woods discovered?

He beat everyone else at golf. You don't get discovered in golf. You pay your own way into tournaments.

Do you think Tiger Woods took his mistresses out on his private jet?

Contrary to popular belief, Tiger Woods doesn't own a private jet, but rather, he leases them from a company called "Netjets." There is no conclusive evidence that he did or did not, but it is likely considering he often brought business parters along.