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Q: What type of behavior is demonstrated by the football players?
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How many players are on a football tean?

The number of players on a football team depends on the type of football you are playing. In American Football, there are 11 on a team. In Canadian Football, there are 12 players on a team. Other countries have their own rules. Also America has "Sand Lot Football" where pickup games simply have equal numbers of players on each side.

What is fannie pack type gear on college football players?

hand muffs to keep them warm.

How many current or former University of Florida football players have been arrested?

Type your answer here... 122

Who are some football players that have visors on their helmets?

Football helmets that have visors on them are used to help protect the player's eyes from the sunlight, dirt or grass. An example of a football player that uses this type of helmet is Chevis Jackson.

1st string in football is what?

The First String of a football team is normally the best eleven players as their position and usually the starters. But in todays complex playing situations a team can have situational players to start against a team depending on that team's type of offense or defense.

Who generally covers football on ESPN?

Depending on the type of football (professional or college), ESPN's announcers vary. The usual format includes game side reporters and then in studio commentators (who are usually former football players or coaches).

Do you need any type of degree to be a quarter back?

No, if football players needed degrees, they would be screwed... because 99% of them are dumb as posts.

What type of pray is the hail marry?

It's the prayer that football players do when they're about to lose, but a big throw might let them tie or win.

How many players in each position are on a football team?

Referring to Fútbal (non American Football): Depending on what type of positioning you're talking about. There are always 11 players on field however (10 players plus a goalie), unless someone is given a red card. Nobody can sub for people that received a red car. Major Edit by Giovanni Mauro

What type of symbiotic relationship does the lamprey demonstrated?


What good football players wear number 21?

LaDanian Tomlinson, Tiki Barber, Deion Sanders, Deanglo Hall, Bob Sanders, Type your answer here...

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