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High school Baseball players have to use a -3 bat.

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Q: What type of bat is used in high school baseball?
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Can a white baseball bat be used in a high school baseball game?

no your bat has to be regulation size and very tan to use in a game

What is Average size of baseball used in high school?

NFHSA seals balls @ 5ozs X 9"

Are BESR baseball bats legal in high school in 2012?

Yes, onlyBBCOR certified bats will be used in the 2012 baseball season In high school. However, the BBCOR bats are terrible. I prefer you save your money and buy a wood bat.

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hat size football is used in high school

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Can a runner jump over a player to avoid a tag?

In professional baseball, yes. In some high school and college rules, no. Local/state high school associations make some special rules that are different than those used in professional baseball.

Can only one umpire be used in a baseball game?

No, not in a High School, College, or a MLB game. In little league 1 umpire is often used.

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What is the high school mercy rule in baseball?

The high school mercy rule in baseball says that if 5 innings occurred and a team is ahead by 10 runs, the game is over. A mercy rule is used so that one team doesnÃ?t feel humiliated by a loss.

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