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Q: What type of baseball catchers equipment does the New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada wear?
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Who were the New York Yankees catchers from 1993-1996?

Mike Stanley was the #1 catcher from 1993 -1995. Joe Giardi was the Yankees catcher in 1996.

Who was the NY Yankees catcher in 1990?

Bob Geren started 107 games at catcher for the Yankees in 1990. Also on the Yankees 1990 roster as catchers were Matt Nokes, Rick Cerone, and Brian Dorsett.

What is the call if the batter hits the catchers glove on a backswing?

no call. it is only catcher's interference if the catcher's equipment gets in the way of a swing.

Who were the New York Yankees catchers in the 1980s?

The Yankees catcher from 1980-1984 was Rick Cerone. Their catcher in 1985 and 1986 was Ron Hassey. It was again Rick Cerone in 1987. In 1988, the Yankees catcher was Joel Skinner. And finally in 1989, it was Bob Geren.

Who were the catchers for the New York Yankees in 1974?

In 1974, the Yankees starting catcher was Thurman Munson. He was backed up by Rick Dempsey and Jim Deidel.

What safety equipment must be worn by a softball catcher?

usually catchers wear a chest pad, leg pads, and a helmet, and they also have a catchers glove

What safety equipment do you need in baseball?

Glove, batters helmet, if you are not a catcher. Optional are a groin cup, teeth guard, batters glove & face guard. Catchers require chest & leg protectors, catchers helmet and mitt.

Who are all the catchers for the Pittsburgh pirates?

Francisco Cervelli is a Venezuelan professional baseball catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball. Previously, he played in MLB for the New York Yankees. The Yankees signed Cervelli as an international free agent in 2003. - AND - Christopher David "Chris" Stewart is an American professional baseball catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.

Who were the New York Yankees catchers in 2011?

For the 2011 season, the Yankees starting catcher was Russell Martin, he was backed up by Francisco Cervelli and Gustavo Molina.

How many days before the New York Yankees pitchers and catchers report for 2011?

February 14 2011 the Yankees pitchers and catcher report of Spring Training ...

How does the catchers helmet help the catcher in baseball?

It protects the catcher when a batter foul a pitch off the mask It blocks the ball from hitting the catcher in the face

What safety equipment does a catcher wear in softball?

Catchers wear: 1. Chest protector 2. Shin pads 3. Catcher's helmet 4. (Catcher's) mitt Hope this helps! Sources: I play catcher

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