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plastic ball

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Q: What type of ball is used for playing Polo?
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The similarities and differences of water polo and volley ball?

A ball is used.

What is polo shirt?

polo shirt were used by rich people while playing the sport "POLO".

Who invented the water polo ball?

The water polo ball was invented by the same people that invented the game itself, they were British people laying in lakes and rivers. The ball wouldn't have been a water polo ball as such, it may have been a football, but as soon as it was used for that purpose, it became a water polo ball.

What is the stick used in polo to hit the ball called?


What equipment was originally used for water polo?

just a ball, water, and a goal

What joints are used in throwing a ball?

Throwing a water polo ball usesthe fingers & thumbthe wristthe elbowthe shoulderthe backthe waistno one plays water polo

What type of instrument is a mallet?

A mallet is a hammer with a large head made of wood In sport it is a long handled wooden hammer used to strike the ball in croquet and polo

What was the first ball used in playing volleyball?

a football/soccer ball

What type of clothing is a pique polo?

A pique polo is a type of polo that is extremely plain. It is often used for school uniform or for casual use, and often depict no picture at all, with a small logo.

Why do polo have a stick to play polo?

Because it has always been like that. Polo wouldn't be polo without the mallets. The mallet is used to strike the ball. Mallets vary in size mainly according to the size of the mallets but it can also vary according to the what the player prefers. Mallets vary from sizes most commonly 50-53 inches. Hope this helped.Source: 5 years of playing polo. -2 goaler.

What is the thing that people carry while playing horse polo?

The 'thing' you see them carrying is called a mallet. It is a long stick with a cylindrical head on it used to hit the ball towards the goals. They can only be used right handed.

Who was the first to invent early kind of water polo?

Early games used an inflated rubber ball that came from India known as a "pulu" (the single Indian word for all "balls"). Pronounced "polo" by the English, both the game and the ball became known as "water polo."

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