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At the elbow in the downward faze of the press up your elbows movement is flexion as is is decreasing in size. your shoulders movement is extension as the muscle is increasing in size. on the upward phase it is the exact same but the opposite way around... (elbow - extension and shoulder - flexion)

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Pushups primarily target the pectoralis muscle (or chest) however secondary muscles with pushups are: tricep (muscle at back of upper arm), deltoid (muscle at top of arm) and abdominals (stomach)

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endurance activity

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Q: What type of activity is doing push ups?
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Which activity is mainly a strength training exercise?

doing push ups and sit ups

What is a personal physical activity goal?

Doing ten push-ups befroe bed ....

Which of these exercises is a strength activity?

push ups

Why do you use your triceps when doing push-ups?

You can do push-ups without using triceps muscle.

Can you get a flat stomach from doing push ups?


Do you get cut by doing push ups?


What is the proper name for doing push ups?

The proper way for doing push ups is to keep your feet together, and to raise yourself using the arms.

How do you get abs if your a girl?

By doing push ups and sit ups and by doing some exercises you think is better for you. The main thing is to do the girls push ups and situps . That's how you grow abs.

Does the growth gets stopped by doing dips or push ups or pull ups?

Growth does not stop when you are doing push ups, pull ups, or dips. Those are forms of exercise, which keep you healthier, and do not stop your growth.

What are the dangers of push ups?

You have to be careful that you do push-ups correctly. By doing push ups Incorrectly, your risk of damaging your shoulder, back muscles and/or spine is greatly increased.

Is it normal that your bones cracks while doing push ups?

if you don't do push ups regularly then yes , however if you do it is not

Can you do push ups the day after you lift weights?

Well, you CAN, but you should rest for about a minute before doing them. If you feel strain you can't handle when doing about 5 push-ups, just to test to see if you can do more, then you shouldn't do push-ups. If you feel strain any time during push-ups, you should stop and rest, then try doing more.