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all types

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Q: What type of Horses are used in Olympic Show Jumping?
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What type of horses would you have in a horse stud?

Horses that are excellent examples of their breed, or retired champions from racing, show jumping..etc.

What type of horses are good for jumping?

Thoroughbreds, and warmbloods such as Hanoverians, and Oldenburgs, are some of the more common jumping breeds. In the link below, you can see what is ideal in a jumping horse.

What type of games exist for horses?

If one is referring to games which horses can partake in, barrel riding and cutting are but two activities that use horses. Others include jumping and racing.

Can heavy horses be used in the Olympics?

There are no breed restrictions but the horse must be built so he can compete. By the time a horse has reached the 'Olympic' level he has had years of training and competition. With the exception of the 'western' type riding such as reining the majority of top horses are usually 'warmbloods'. A combination of hot-blooded breeds like the Thoroughbred crossed with the large draft type horses. The result is a tall, strong, yet refined athletic horse that can stand the rigors of eventing and show jumping. These warmbloods have been refined over the last 25 to 30 years to make the ideal 'sport horse'. These are the horses that excell at Olympic level competitions and these are the horses you would have to compete with. Although not impossible, I would think it would be difficult for a pure draft horse to keep up with these sport horse breeds.

What is the best type of show horse?

For a-circuit show jumping, warmbloods are very talented. Friesland excel at dressage. When it comes to western showing, quarter horses are always a favourite though paints have the exact same bloodlines and temperament. Appaloosas are fabulous at reining.

What is the name of the type of horse where you do jumps?

If you mean a sport, there are two sports that incorporate jumping: Show jumping and Three Day Eventing, which has a Dressage phase, a Cross-country phase, and a Show jumping phase. If you mean breeds, there are many, many breeds that can jump. Generally, the only breeds that aren't regularly using for jumping are draft horses, like clydesdales, or particularly stocky or tiny ponies. Breeds that have known to excel in jumping are Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, Dutch Warmbloods, Trakehners, Oldenburgs, (and other warmbloods), Selle Francais, Appendix Quarter Horses, Connemara ponies, Sport Ponies, Anglo-Arabs, etc. The individual horse is more important than the breed, however.

Age of horses at stock show?

If by stock show you mean a show for stock type horses the ages of the horses go from baby to geriatric (old). Some horses have very long show careers while others can burn out by age 7. The best ones are used for breeding after their show careers are over.

Where jumping and throwing events happen?

If you mean jumping events in the olympics a few examples are Long jump Standing long jump Triple jump There are quite a lot of gymnastic events that involve jumping but I dont know the names, if you type in Jumping olympic events into google your probably get a list, hope this helps

What are the main uses for horses?

Recreational riding ( trail and just for fun.)Equestrian sports ( show jumping, dressage, etc.)Therapeutic riding/ handling ( a type of physical and mental/ emotional therapy.)Transportation. ( in some countries horses are still used in large numbers for transportation or people or supplies.)Food ( some countries use horses for their meat and milk.)Acting ( horses can be trained to act in movies, tv shows, etc.)

Is a jumping Jack a type of spider?

No, a jumping jack is a type of ant

What are you judged on in HunterJumper?

Hunter: It is judged on the horse only. Hunter type horses win, obviouslyJumper: Speed/time or power of the horse and rider team.Unsafe jumping can lead to disqualification.

Can you show a map of where horses live in the world?

yes, that type of map is called a special-purpose map...