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any front end off of a vw type 1-3 should work good

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Q: What type VW front end is best for dune buggy?
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What is another name for a wagon?

Well there is carriage, buggy, and cart. It depends on the type, if it used for leisure then it would be called a carriage or buggy. However if it is used for work such as carrying things then the best name for it would be wagon.

What type of landform is a sand dune?

depositional :)

What type of car was used in the 1860s?

A horse and buggy.

What type of cars are made in Spain?

dune buggies

What type of transportation was used before the automodile?

Horse and buggy.

Is a buggy a bug?

No. Buggies are a type of transportation that Amish use.

What is a Mountain Buggy Urban Double?

A Mountain Buggy Urban Double is a type of stroller. Mountain Buggy is the brand name, while Urban Double is the particular style. It is designed to fit two children.

How do buggy boards connect to strollers?

You have to do your research first b/c every type of stroller doesn't hook to a buggy board. Buggy boards will fit pram, single or double, travel systems.

How fast are off road buggies?

it all depends on how big the engine is. if the buggy is 50cc it will reach 20-25mph, all depends on which type of buggy and the quality of the build. if the buggy is 60cc it will reach around 22-25mph. if the buggy is 70cc it will it will reach 24-27mph. if the buggy is 80cc it will reach 27-32mph. if the buggy is 90cc it will reach 30-34mph. if the buggy is 100cc it will reach 35mph approx. if the buggy is 110cc it will reach 35-37mph. if the buggy is 150cc it will reach 40-60mph, depending on the company that builds it and the dry weight of the buggy. the fastest and most durable 150cc buggy is the hammerhead 150cc gt duo. and 200cc will reach 60-70mph. 250 could reach 70-100mph.

Which type of landform is being made by the Slit deposits?

Cayon mountain Dune

What was the most common type of transportation when the automobile was invented?

horse drawn carriage or buggy

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