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In American football there are forward passes and backward (or "lateral") passes.

A forward pass is a pass with its initial direction toward the opponent's end zone. A lateral is a pass with its initial direction parallel with or toward the passer's own end zone.

A forward pass is allowed only once per play, and the pass must originate behind the line of scrimmage (i.e., the spot where the ball was placed prior to the snap). If a forward pass hits the ground without being caught, the play is dead and the ball is returned to the previous spot.

Backward passes, however, can be made at any time from anywhere on the field. If a backward pass hits the ground, it is still a live ball and can be recovered by any player from either team. If a backward pass goes out of play, the ball will be spotted on the line where it went out of bounds.

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Q: What two ways can you kick a football in the game football?
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