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The teams the have the highest seeds get home field advantage. During the playoffs the teams with the highest seeding after the season gets home field advantage throughout the postseason. In the Super Bowl, home field advantage alternates each year between the NFC and the AFC.

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Q: What two teams has the home field advantage of the entire playoffs in the super bowl?
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Why doesn't the team with the best record go to the super bowl?

The team with the best record has a better chance of making the Super Bowl through the playoffs because they get to skip the wild card game and get home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Still have to prove themselves in 2 games before making the bowl

Can there be home team advantage in the Super Bowl?

Yes, there can be home field advantage if the Super Bowl is being played in the stadium of one of the division winners that year.

What determines Super bowl home field advantage?

Super Bowl 'home field' advantage alternates. The National Football Conference champion is the home team for odd numbered Super Bowls. The American Football Conference champion is the home team for even numbered Super Bowls.

What team has home field advantage in the 2010 Super Bowl?

There is no homefield advantage in the Superbowl. It is a pre-picked location by the NFL.

What is the time between nfl divisional playoffs and the Super Bowl each year?

After the Divisional playoffs, there is the Conference playoffs. After the Conference playoffs, there is the Super Bowl. The time in between is three (3) weeks.

Who gets home field advantage in the Super Bowl?

In the NFL the four division winners are given seeds 1-4, according to their records. Seeds 5 and 6 are given to the two teams with the best records who are NOT division winners. For example, the Indianapolis Colts will probably finish at 12-4 this year, but earn only the 5th seed. The Denver Broncos and the AFC East winner will have a worse record but earn seeds 3 and 4.

Can football team have home field advantage in super bowls?

no, the location of the superbowl is chosen 3 or 4 years in advance

Are the Chargers going to the Super Bowl?

Not likely, but they are in the playoffs

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers made the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl?

The Steelers made the playoffs following their wins in Superbowls IX, X and XIII. They failed to make the playoffs after winning Super Bowls XIV, XL and XLIII.

When the NFC wins the pro bowl do they win the Super Bowl?

No, when the NFC wins the pro bowl, the NFC team playing in the Super Bowl wins home field advantage.

Is the Super Bowl part of the playoffs?

Yes, it is the final game of the playoffs and is the league championship game. Whichever team wins the Super Bowl is crowned NFL champions for the season.

Is it possible for a team to have home field in super bowl?

Technically one team is designated the home team for the game, but I think you mean if a team can play in its own stadium for the Super Bowl. The answer is yes, the team from the host city must make it through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.