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tennis and Badminton

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Q: What two sports influenced the creation of the game volleyball?
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What four sports did William George Morgan combine to create the game of volleyball?

The four sports that were brought into the case of creating volleyball were tennis and handball, basketball and baseball. Since the creation, baseball isn't as seen in the game of volleyball. When created, volleyball consisted of 9 innings with each team allowed three serves in each inning.

Who is the person invented the sports volleyball?

1895 - William G. Morgan invents the game of volleyball

How was Canada's geography influenced its sports?

because it was a game taught in geography

How many sports do you have?

I've been into many sports... volleyball, basketball, etc.. but i guess what best suits me is the game of basketball

What are favorite iceland sports?


What are the objectives of volleyball game?

objectives of the game volleyball

What four sports did William Morgan combine to create the new game of volleyball?

William Morgan combined elements from baseball, basketball, handball, and tennis to create volleyball.

What sports where put together to create volleyball?

game from===hand ball + lawn tennis....ball from basketball bladder....:)

Is volleyball game a noun?

yes, game is a noun, volleyball is an adjective

What are the advantages of the game volleyball?

well, if you dont like to run, then volleyball is alot better than other sports, and it builds upper body strength, for example when i started volleyball, i was about as strong as a pen, and now, im pretty strong.

What sports are influenced by mythology?

Lacrosse is a game that the First Peoples in Canada would play to appease the gods.

How do you play the game volleyball?

The game of volleyball goes up to 15 points.

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