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Q: What two players from the NBA have back to back titles with two different teams?
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What 3 players have won back to back super bowls with 2 different teams?

well, two are bill romanoski and ken norton jr, not sure who the third is..

How many football teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?


Colleges to NFL?

college teams with really good players will be drafted into the nfl through scouters from teams who need back ups for there starters those players soon may get drafted into the nfl

What year did the NFL require all teams to display the players name on the back of their jerseys?


How many states have back to back national championships from two different teams?

Alabama does!

How many college football teams do not have players names on the back of their jerseys?

1 drake university of Iowa

What college program has the most titles in all sports?

The answer to this question is tricky. There are several different 'titles' that have been won since universities began competing in sports. There are NCAA titles which go back several decades (sorry, I do not know the history of the NCAA, but they have a website: The NCAA gives out 'titles' to teams and to individuals. There have been other institutions before the NCAA that gave out 'titles' to universities. The only definitive answer that I know of, is based on NCAA team titles. UCLA has won 104 team titles with Stanford and USC in second and third with fifteen-to-twenty less team titles.

What state has back to back national championships with different teams?

Alabama has Roll Tide and War Eagle

What are the numbers on the back of NFL helmets?

Teams wear numbers on the back of the helmets to honor players who have passed away. All teams in the NFL this week are wearing a '21' on their helmets to honor former Redskins safety Sean Taylor who was murdered a few days back.

What NBA team one the most back to back titles?

The Boston Celtics are the ones who won eight back-to-back titles from '59 to '66.

Any three peat super bowl champions?

No team has won three straight SuperBowls. Two teams have won three titles in four years, New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, and Pittsburgh Steelers won 4 titles in six years, including two back-to-back championships. Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos have all also won back-to-back titles.

Why do NBA teams play games on back to back days during the regular season but not in the playoffs?

My guess would be in the Playoffs the players need their rest, so they can peform their best when they play.

Who was the first girl to join the WNBA?

Players were originally allocated to different teams back in 1997. Vicky Bullett was the first to be allocated. Dena Head was picked first in the Elite Draft. Tina Thompson was picked first in the collegiate draft.

Who played inter county hurling longest?

It can be hard to be specific about that. As Hurling is an amateur sport, you can go as far back as childhood for some players being on teams, even county teams. Players do not have a professional career that can be measured. Some players have played Hurling at a competitive level for about 30 years, through different age brackets. Tony Browne of Waterford would be one of the longest serving players at the current time. Christy Ring of Cork would be another long serving player, playing up until the 1960s.

Why do baseball player wear number on the back of their shirt?

The New York Yankees started putting numbers on the back of there player's jerseys in the 1920s so that fans can easily identify the players' name by referring to a scorecard that identified the players. Soon, all teams started putting numbers on their players' jerseys. Names didn't come on the players' jerseys until much later.

In NCAA football is it rare that two different teams from the same conference win back to back national championships like Florida and LSU just did?

In certain confrences with very good teams, such as the SEC this is not uncommon.

How many baseball teams do not put names on the back of their jerseys?

Currently, 3 teams do not display their players names on the back of their home jerseys. They are the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants. The Yankees also do not display their names on their road jerseys.

Do NFL teams sign players back if they waived them?

Yes, many players have been waived and then later re-signed by their teams. Sometimes a player will be waived for a particular reason unrelated to their prowess on the field, and then re-signed a day or so later. Team owners and personnel managers are tricky guys sometimes...

Do you have to go to the nfl football teams hometown to get an autograph from a player or can you go to any game?

At any game players will sign, or look up their teams mailing address and a lot of them are good at signing and sending the autograph requests back.

How is the first 11 important to a team?

The first 11 are often important to a basketball team. They are the first players out and regularly the players who play the most. Many teams use their first 11 often and use alternates as back up.

How many times has Alabama had back to back national titles?


Who was last NBA team to win back to back titles?

The Lakers

How is baseball today different then baseball in 1845?

Well back in 1845 they used rocks as bases. Baseballs were more of a lemon shaped there was no such thing as an RBI Teams didn't have 25 men roster and there were no RP and CP teams bench had like 4 players if you didn't pitch you were playing on the field relief Pitchers Were fields Bats were thiner HRs weren't that big back then only like 2 per person

Which NFL players have two Super Bowl rings?

Many, many NFL players have two Super Bowls rings. Any teams who won back to back Super Bowls have players who have at least two rings. Many players from the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins and New England Patriots have at least two rings if not more. The list of players with two rings would be a very long one.

Where did the first green bay first players come from?

Mostly from the city of Green Bay. Like a lot of football teams back then, Green Bay was a city team, meaning players generally came from the surrounding area. There was little thought back then of drafting players from all over the country to come and play for your team. You took the best of what the local community had to offer.