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The Queen and a bishop.

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2009-12-17 02:33:33
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Q: What two pieces are on the sides of a king at the beginning of chess?
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Does the king face the queen in chess?

In chess , once the pieces are set up , at the beginning of the game where they face their counterparts such as king opposite king .

What two pieces stand on either sides of the King in a chess game?

The King has a Queen to one side and a Bishop to the other.

What pieces can kill a king in chess?

anything but a king

What two pieces stands on either sides of a king at the start of chess game?

Queen on one side, bishop on the other.

How many times is a King allowed to take?

In chess, there is no limit to how many opposition pieces can be taken by one piece - although, neither sides' King can be taken.

How many black pieces are on the board at the beginning of a game of chess?

There are sixteen black pieces on the board at the beginning of a game of chess, and the same applies to the white pieces. Both armies consist of eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks*, one queen, and one king. * Also referred to as castles.

Can a king kill a king in the game of chess?

yes, if your king is protected by other chess pieces but that's called getting a checkmate if you capture a king by a king

What are opening principles of chess?

1. Control or contest the centre of the board. 2. Develop pieces to their optimal squares, beginning with the minor pieces. 3. Safeguard the king, usually by castling.

What are the most important pieces in a chess game?

Each of the chess pieces are important to the game of chess but the most valuable is , of course , the king . The queen , rooks , bishops and knights are also important to the game .Each of these chess pieces have an assigned value :King-invaluableQueen-9Rook-5Knight and Bishop-3Pawn-1

What are Components of chess?

The components of Chess are the game board and the pieces. There are 6 different kinds of pieces: the king, the queen, the knights, the bishops, the rooks(castles), and the pawns.

Can your king kill other pieces in chess?

Yes, your king is able to capture other pieces only if they are unprotected by your opponent.

What are the function of the chess pieces?

The purpose of the chess pieces is to capture your opponent's king thus winning the game . To know how each chess piece functions/moves refer to the related link below .

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