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Net from tennis

Cues from Basketball, Baseball, and handball

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Q: What two game characteristics was volleyball invented from?
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What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Within two years after the game was invented (volleyball was invented in 1895). Observers picked up on the rule that the ball could not touch the floor and began calling the game 'volley ball' which was eventually changed to 'volleyball'.

Who is the founder of the volleyball?

Volleyball was invented by William Morgan in 1896 in Holyoke, Mass. And was originally called "mintonette".Morgan's friend James Naismith had recently come up with a new game involving a ball and two peach baskets, but Morgan thought this game, known as basketball, would be too strenuous for middle-aged folk so he invented his own game, one that would soon be known as volleyball. They both worked for the YMCA.

Who invented the gme of volleyball?

William G. Morgan was the man who invented volleyball. If that is all you want to know about volleyball, exit out. If you want to learn more, keep reading. Morgan used four different sports-basketball, baseball, handball and tennis to invent volleyball. He invented the game because he believed basketball was too rough for businessmen. There are two different kinds of volleyball-indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball was first introduced to the Olympics in the 1890s. Beach volleyball was introduced in the Olympics about four years later. An ace is when team one hits the ball and the other team fails to retrieve it. A server is at the back left corner. They hold the ball with their non-dominant hand and then hit it with their dominant hand. Make sure your dominant hand is in a fist, and try to always hit the ball with the heel of the hand.

What are the two main positions for a volleyball game?

Setter and spiker/blocker

What is the definition of volleyball?

volleyball is a game in which two teams hit an inflated ball over a high net using their hands

Does volleyball have halfs?

Yes, there are two mini games in a game that go to 25

How many points are the first two matches played to in volleyball?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

How does someone play the Sand game?

Beach Volleyball is sometimes referred to as the Sand game. This is now an Olympic sport played by two teams of two players on sand court divided by a net. The basic rules are the same as in indoor volleyball.

What did James Nasmyth invent?

he invented basket ball with a volleyball and two peach baskets. he was also a teacher at the YMCA

How many time are there in volleyball?

There are two time outs per team per game per match.

Write any two skills of volleyball game?

spiking/hitting, setting, passing, jumping, and diving.

Who invented rounders?

Rounders is a game that was invented by two people called William Clarke and John Newbery. The game was invented in 1828 in London.