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Q: What two football managers have the same name and surname and have managed the same team?
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Can you name 3 managers who have managed four premiership teams?

Jog onnnnnnnnn

What was the managers name for England football 2010?

Fabio Cappello.

What is the french football teams managers name?

Laurent Blanc.

What is the managers name for the Italy football club?

bob bobington

Name 4 Italian managers who have managed premiership teams?

lombardo, vialli, ranieri, zola

What is the name of the football management simulation that this community is based around?

LMA league managers association

Where do football managers get the money from?

Football teams/clubs are businesses. Their income comes from ticket sales, licensing their name/logo for sportswear, broadcasting contracts, etc.

What was the managers name in England 1966?

Sir Alf Ramsey was the manager of the England Football Team in 1966 when they won the World Cup.

Can you name eleven white and black football players who played for England since 1975 with the same surname?

Parker barnes walker

What is john cenas managers name?

His Managers name is Andy Dick

What is arenals managers name 2011?

The managers name is Arsène Wenger.

Name two spanish managers of football?

As yet there has not been a Spanish coach for any NFL team. So far they have all been Americans.