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Q: What two countries used same flag 1936 Olympics?
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What two countries used the same flag in the 1936 Summer Olympics?

Liechtenstein and Haiti

What 2 countries used the same flag at the 1936 Summer Olympics?

great Britain and India

What two countries had the same flag in the 1936 summer Olympics?

I have been looking for this answer as well and I think it is Haiti and one other? That was Haiti and Liechtenstein. The flags were the same with the top half blue and the bottom half red. After the 1936 Olympics, Liechtenstein added a crown to the upper left of their flag so there would be a difference.

What two countries were said to have the same flag in the parade of nations for the Beijing Olympics?

Chad and Romania have the same flag.

How many people nave won the pentathlon and the decathlon in same Olympics?

Jim thorpe 1936 olympics

Why do countries want medals from the winter Olympics?

same reason for the summer Olympics

What countries will be in 2012 Olympics?

Same as the 2008 Olympics, and the 2004 Olympics, and the Olympics before that. and every other 4 years since the Olympics started.

Who was the first country to hold the summer and winter Olympics in the same year?

France in 1924. Other countries hold the Winter Games and Summer Games in the same year are the United States in 1932 and Germany in 1936.

Do Serbia and Montenegro have the same flag?

No, they are two independent countries.

What other countries have the same three colors as the American flag?

There are many countries with the same three colors as the American flag. It includes the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Russia and Australia.

Who designed the Olympic flag for London Olympics 2012?

It is not 'designed'. The olympic flag is always the same. If you want to know why search for the question: what are the olympic ring colors

What olympic athlete won a medal for two different countries at the same Olympics?

wilson kipketer

Why so many countries have same color flag as Syria do?

Because Syria controlled many many countries for a long time. So when the countries gained their independence, they used the same colors in their flags.

What is a reasonable height for a flag pole?

The flag pole height should be in proportion to the flag. It's not the same in all countries. So if you have a big flag pole you must have a big flag. Think about it. A super high flag pole with a tiny flag. How stupid would that look.

Who carried the flag for Switzerland at the 2004 Olympics in Athens?

The same person who carried today.No other than Mr. Roger Federer.

What two countries have the same flag?

Indonesia and Monaco have the same flag (red on top, white on bottom), except that Indonesia's is proportionally longer (taller). AND Chad and Romania have the same flag (blue, yellow, and red vertical stripes) except that they have slightly different shades of blue.

Why is Senegal flag same as Ethiopian flag?

They are not the same

Why is the Australian flag similar to the new Zealands?

because our countries are close to each other and the same sorter

Why does the Cuban flag look like Puerto Rico's?

They look exactly the same, but represent total different countries and or Caribbbean islands in the countries most of the forts and places look the same

If the US flag is displayed with flags of other countries What size should they be?

All national flags should be at the same height, and the same size.

What is the advantages of Olympics?

The advantages are:different countries get to meet and learn new cultures, greetings ectPeople and countries will be able to show the world their talentNew buildings will be in use after the Olympics which will benefit the community e.g. the aquatics centre for the London 2012 Olympics will be used for schools and the peopleeveryone will be united because they will be supporting the same team, hoping for the same country to win ectThe country hosting the Olympics will have something to be proud of

Which countries have hosted both the summer and winter Olympics in the same year?

1924 in France - Winter, Chamonix - Summer, Paris 1932 in the United States - Winter, Lake Placid - Summer, Los Angeles 1936 in Germany - Winter, Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Summer, Berlin

What other countries have the same flag colors as us?

Well since I'm a lil girl i say only a few other countries have the same colors as us so yeah.ANDI LOVE YOU AMERICA

How do you hang the American flag with Canadian flag?

Do Not hang them on the same flag pole!Both flags should be the same size and same height above the ground on the same height flag pole.

How many countries and athletes took part in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Roughly 11,000 athletes from 204 countries competed at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Originally it was to be 205, however Brunei pulled out at the last minute, the same day as the opening ceremony.