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Tennis and Baseball

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Q: What two ball sports use the term ace?
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What is sports use racquets?

Two of the most common sports that use rackets are badminton and paddle ball. Also, tennis and pickle ball are common sports that use a racket.

What sports do Nick Jonas like?

wiffle-ball and golf are his two favorite sports.

Two sports that use a ball and net?

volleyball tennis

What do you call a serve that the opponent cannot return in tennis?

There are two types of serve that a player cannot return, one is an Ace and one is just called Unreturnable. An Ace is when the returner cannot get their racket to the ball at all. An Unreturnable is when the returner touches the ball, but cannot return it within the court.

Football is made up of what two sports?

kick ball and soccer

What is the name of a sports event for two?

Tennis, raquet ball, and squash,

What is two ball billiards?

Two Ball Billiards is a greek term which refers to ones Johnson and a pair of nuts.

What sports has 11 players on each two team and one ball?


What two sports use same ball?

Beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

What is a name of a sport that has a long a in it?

Two sports are baseball and sailing.

In volleyball what is an ace?

Any time the receiving team does not have "two controlled touches" on the ball, and does not get it back over the net, an ace is awarded. Example: The receiver misses the ball completely. Ace. Example: The receiver makes contact, but shanks the pass out of bounds. Ace. Example: The receiver shanks the pass into the back of the middle's head. Not a controlled second touch. Ace. Example: The receiver makes a beautiful pass, but the setter forgets to set it and the ball hits the floor. While naively you might not consider this an ace because of the good pass, technically it is an ace indeed because there was no second controlled touch. Example: The serve hits the receiver in the head but somehow bounces over the net into the serving team's court. Despite the lack of "controlled touch" by the receiving team, the ball was kept in play so obviously not an ace.

What two sports use the term strike?

Baseball and bowling.

Who has played two sports at once?

Me i have played basket ball while playing football

Can you think of two sports to join together to get a new game?

basket ball with a netball

What sports can you play while only having two players on each team?

Two sports come to mind that require two players on each side. One is two player Beach Volley Ball and the other is Doubles in Tennis.

Which sports have two players to a team?

while most "sports" can be played with two (2) or fewer players on a team there are many that are purposely designed for two (2) players teamed together such as Tennis (partners), Volley Ball and Relay Racing ...

The sport term 'love' is used in which two different sports?

The term 'Love' is used in both Badminton and Tennis.

Brazil two favorite sports?

Football, they are also very good at Beach Volley ball.

What is a complete sentence with deftly that deals with sports?

With the ball at his feet, he deftly made his way past two players before passing the ball to a teammate.

What is the difference between soccer and tennis?

There are numerous differences between the two sports the most profound of which is that in Soccer players strike the ball with their feet whilst in Tennis players strike the ball with a item of sports equipment known as a racket

Does a two beat an ace?

No, Ace is the highest card in the deck and a two is the lowest.

What is the best soccer ball company?

My personal favourite is NIKE and ADIDAS and these two are best brands for sports.

What is the definition of the volleyball term double block?

Two players are blocking the ball.

Where does the term ball sac come from?

well, there are two balls in a sac so...

What sport uses the slang word Carom?

This is typically a billiards term meaning, "a shot in billiards in which the cue ball strikes each of two object ball".