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Bulls and warriors

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Q: What two NCAA basketball teams played the final four in their hometown?
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Who are the only two teams to play in the Final Four in their hometown?


How college basketball teams in 1939?

How many college basketball teams played in 1939

How many basketball teams played in the year 2000?

32 teams played in 2000.

Who are the final four?

The "Final Four" are the four teams that win the regional championships in the NCAA basketball tournament, thus becoming the final four teams in the tournament.

How many basketball teams played in the first year of basketball?


Which are the only two teams to play in the Final four in their hometown?

Through 2013, there have been several teams that have advanced to the Final Four of the NCAA men's basketball tournament when the Final Four was being played in the school's hometown:New York University- 1945City College of New York- 1947, 1950Louisville- 1959UCLA- 1968, 1972Butler- 2010.Except for Louisville, none of the venues where these Final Fours took place were the same as the sites where these schools played their home games.

What 2 english teams played in the champion league final?

no English teams have ever played each other in the final

What basketball teams played yesterday?

Miami and portland

How many basketball teams played for round 3 in the NCAA basketball for men?


How many teams played in the 2000 NCAA tournament?

In 2000 there were 64 teams that played in the Division I basketball tournament.

What number of basketball teams played the NCAA tournament in 1939?

8 teams have played the first year of the tourny

What basketball teams has Juwan Howard played for?

Juwan Howard is an professional American basketball player who has played on several teams. Some of the teams he has played on include the Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets, Charlotte Bobcats, and the Orlando Magic.

What basketball teams are in the final four?

Butler, West Virginia, Duke, and Michigan State

How many basketball teams were played in the first year?


How many teams played in the 1939 basketball tournament?

A total of 8 teams played in the 1939 NCAA basketball tournament. Oregon won the NCAA national championship that year.

What teams played basketball in the 1904 Olympics'?

Nobody. Basketball did not start in the Olympics until 1936.

In what sport might a team become one of th Final Four?

The Final Four is present in college basketball. The March madness tournament consists of 65 teams then gets down to 64 teams, then to 32 then to 16 then to 8 then to 4. Those last four teams are considered the final four and are in the semi finals for the title of national champion of college basketball for that year. This year the final four is going to be played in Detroit, and while march madness is going on, soon enough there will be only four teams left, known as the final four.

What are the names of the final 4 basketball college teams?

Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Kansas.

What mens teams are in the 2011 NCAA final four basketball?


What 2 teams played the first basketball game?

ku & ksu

What teams played in the first college basketball game?

kansas and Kentucky

How many English Basketball teams are there?

30 basketball teams

The first player to ever play NBA basketball?

There was not a first person to play NBA basketball ,ritard, basketball is played in teams.

What boys Final four teams played in 1974?


What teams did Karl Malone play for?

In his Hall of Fame career, Karl Malone played basketball for all but one year with the Utah Jazz in the National Basketball Association. His final season was in 2004 with the Los Angeles Lakers.