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Yankees and Mets.

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Q: What two Major League Baseball teams are in ny?
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Which city does not have two Major League Baseball teams?

boise Idaho

What are the two la teams?

In Major League Baseball, the Dodgers are in the National League and the Angels are in the American League.

What two baseball teams are not in the US?

The Major League Baseball teams not located in the US are; Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos.

What are the two major league baseball teams based on two cities in Ohio?

reds, indians

What is the American League?

The American League is one of the two leagues in Major League Baseball. There are currently 15 teams in the American League.

How many baseball teams are there in New York?

There are two major league baseball teams in New York. The New York Yankees are in the American League and the New York Mets are in the National League.

Which major league baseball player played for two teams in one day?

Joe Youngblood

What two cities have each have two major league baseball teams?

los angeles and chicago

How many Major League Baseball teams are in Ohio?

Two teams are in Ohio. The Cincinnati Reds are in the National League Central Division and the Cleveland Indians are in the American League Central Division.

How many basebale teams are there?

Beginning with the 2013 Major League Baseball season, there will be 15 teams in the National League and 15 in the American League. A longtime imbalance between the two leagues is being solved by the transfer of the Houston Astros from the N.L. Central to the A.L. West.

How many baseball teams do Florida have?

Marlins - RaysThere are two Major League Teams in Florida. The Florida Marlins of the National Lague East division, and the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League East Division.

What two major league baseball teams have not hosted the all-star game?

Tampa Bay and Miami