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boxing, and caging

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Q: What two ‘bloody’ sports came to the Romans from the Etruscans?
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Who came before the Romans?

The Etruscans.

How did thw Romans invent Roman Numerals?

They didn't it was the Etruscans who came up with the idea of of writing out symbols to represent numerical quantities and the Romans copied it. The Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

Why were Romans influenced by Greeks and Etruscans?

i have no idea which is why i came here! FOR HELP!

Where did Roman numeral symbols come from?

They came from the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans.

Which came first Etruscans control Rome Romans win battle of zama Romans destroy Carthage Roman republic established?

Etruscans control Rome, Roman Republic established, Battle of Zama won by Romans, Romans destroy Carthage. A+

How were Roman Numeral symbols derived?

They came from the Etruscan numeral system and the Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

When was the Roman number system created?

The Roman numeral system was actually conceived by the Etruscans who once ruled the Romans until the Romans created their own republic in about 753 BC Little is known in history about the mysterious Etruscans of where and when they came from.

How did people get to Italy?

The Etruscans came to Italy first. Then the Romans developed. The Romans had many Greek slaves and they brought in slaves from other parts of the world.

How were roman numerals picked?

The Roman numeral system came from the Etruscan numeral system. The Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

Who came up with roman numerals and why?

The Etruscans did and they once ruled the Romans and they needed a numeracy system for stock taking purposes.

Where did roman numerals come from?

Roman Numerals came from the Romans in the 1st century Ad. Yet nobody knows when they came to the U.S.A. That is my next question i am looking for the answer to.AnswerThey originally came from the Etruscan numeral system and were adapted by the Romans.The Etruscans once ruled the Romans.

Why is x used for 10 in Roman numerals?

Because the Roman numeral system was first created by the Etruscans who used the symbol of X for 10 and not is much known about the Etruscans nor even where they came from but they did have a large influence over the Romans.