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The Nascar Sprint Cup Series can be viewed on several stations during the season. It's shown on FOX 5, TNT, ABC and ESPN. The Nationwide Series is primarily televised on ESPN2 and the Truck Series is on the Speed channel.

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Q: What tv station did the NASCAR go to?
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What does a Sprint Cup NASCAR tv announcer earn?

The Sprint Cup NASCAR television announcers actually do not work for NASCAR. They work for the television station that they are seen on. I doubt if the television stations will discuss employees wages.

Why are the commercials so long during NASCAR races?

Because Companies pay less for commercials during NASCAR Races, so the TV Station will try and squeeze more commercials in to balance out the money flow.

How do you watch live TV online?

You can go to the TV station's website or you can go to youtube.

Who is the female singer who sings let go racing when Nascar starts on television?

Toby Lightman sings the song

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Are NASCAR races live?

Yes. Nascar races are live and are also shown live on television.

What is a hoogady boogydee?

It's actually, "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!" It's Darrell Waltrip's signature cheer at the beginning of a NASCAR race. Darrell is a former NASCAR race car driver and champion. Today Darrell is a TV broadcaster for NASCAR. Basically the "word" 'Boogity' means "Hurry Up! Go!"

What television station was the 2011 Daytona race on?

Daytona International Speedway hosts two Nascar Cup Series races a year. The 2011 Daytona 500 was televised on Fox Sports. The Coke Zero 400 was on Turner Network Television (TNT).

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NASCAR Contenders Live - 2013 TV was released on: USA: 11 September 2013

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NASCAR Racers The Movie - 1999 TV was released on: USA: 20 November 1999