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setanta test is on Wednesday 24th of June 10.00am.

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Q: What tv channel is the state of origin rugby league on in the UK?
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Eonomics on state of origin rugby league?

millions of people watch it

Who has won the most state of origin games in rugby league?

Queensland of couse.

What is New South Wales state of origin rugby league team called?

The Blues

Which rugby league game got the biggest crowd?

State of Origin draws the biggest crowds

Which team won the Rugby League State of Origin this year?

Qld wont he last state of origin for the 4th or 5th time ina row 2009.

What are the dates for rugby league state of origin 2010?

May 26, June 16 & July 7

What are the major events of rugby league in the 1960?

Nation vs Nation, Four Nations, State of Origin.

Rugby League State of Origin screensavers?

You can check this site out ;), Literati

What is the extra time rules in State of Origin Rugby League?

10 Minutes golden point then a draw is awarded

What are the Dates for rugby league state of origin 2009?

Game 3 is at Suncorp on Wednesday 15th July 2009

Is Darren lockyer leaving rugby league this year?

Darren lockyer is not leaving the NRL this year but he has retired from the state of origin.

Was state of origin played on channel 1 2 or 3?

State Of Origin can be viewed on channel 3 which is techinically channel NINE.

What is the State of Origin and who won in 2007?

The State of Origin is a Rugby League competion between New South Wales and Queensland. It is a best of three comp played each year in 2007 Queensland won

What tournaments are rugby league?

There are: NRL (National Rugby League) AMNRL (Amercian Rugby League) Four nations (Aus, NZ, PNG, England) State of Origin (Queensland and NSW) LEBRL (Lebanese Rugby League) SEARL (South East Asia Rugby League - Samoa, Tonga, Cook islands) EuropeRL (Wales, Italy, France) World Cup (Lebanon, Australia, England, PNG, others havn't been confirmed)

How long will the State of origin game 2 take?

80 minutes with 40 minute halves - usual rugby league game length.

How did rugby league change from the past?

Rugby League changed from the past in term of technology, money and popularity. Today, we can watch rugby league matches from our phone, and state of origin is viewed in 3D. Money, players are increasingly acheiving money, though publicality and popularity of the game is increasing without Australia and worldwide.

Are dates yet finalised for 2009 State of Origin rugby league?

Game I - Melbourne June 3rd 2009 Game III - Brisbane July 15th 2009

What is the date for the first rugby league state of origin match for 2009?

Wed Jun 3: Queensland Origin v New South Wales Origin Wed Jun 24: New South Wales Origin v Queensland Origin Wed Jul 15: Queensland Origin v New South Wales Origin

Australian national game?

Rugby, look up state of origin. afl... football

What was new south wales rugby league state of origin teams longest winning streak?

how many times did new south wales beat queensland between 1907 and 1979

Who is the greatest Prop in rugby league?

in Australia the person generally accepted as the greatest prop in rugby league history is arthur "artie" beetson. a tough no nonsense prop, artie is credited with introducing the offload as a necessary skill of the front row and throwing the first punch in state of origin history (it was against his teammate from parramatta).

Where can an Aussie watch State of Origin Rugby League on June 24th 2009 in Las Vegas?

I am searching aswell. Heading over to Vegas for a bucks - dreading the thought of not being able to catch Game 2!

Date for Rugby state of origin in Melbourne?

Wednesday June 3 at Telstra Dome, Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

How many rugby league state of origins have ben played?

from 2010. years 30 games 90

How did rugby league state of origin begin?

A person called arthur beetson from qld came up with the idea of it. He played that game agains NSW and Queensland ended up winning 20-10 at Lang Park in 1980