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It depends what country you are playing in and which nation you are playing for! For example the Welsh have a Tom Jones song and when the English score they play "Swing Low".

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Q: What tune is played when a try as been scored in rugby?
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What tune is played when the England rugby team come out at twickenham?

Escape by Craig Armstrong

What tune is played when a try is scored at Twickenham and is it by Madness?

I think it is called Tom Hart!

What tune was played at 2007 rugby world cup games?

Industrial Revolution: Part 2 By City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra,

What is the theme tune to rugby super league?


What is the song with a trumpet played at french rugby?

It is called the IPL tune. It is a spanish chant used at bull fights and is follow by a shout of "Ole" or "Hey."

What is the sky sports rugby theme tune?

The Chemists, Hear Our Song ..? The Rugby Club theme tune which preceeded the current one was O Verona (far superior to the current one for my money). Not a clue as to the current tune though.

What is the investec super rugby theme tune called?

dance of the knights

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What is the Trumpet chant used at french rugby?

It is called the IPL tune. It is a spanish chant used at bull fights and is follow by a shout of "Ole" or "Hey."

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In the Rugby World Cup 2007 what was the short burst of trumpet music they played just before every restart followed by a shout from the crowd?

The piece of music on thr trumpet is called Allez,Ole. It is a six second tune that costs 79p from itunes. It is on the album Ovalie y Toros. The rest of the album is stuff that bands play in the stadia in French rugby matches. Enjoy.

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What is the name of the tune of the BBC 6 nations rugby advert?

Its called "6 together". Created by The Howling Wolf Group, who consulted with Six Nations Rugby Limited over a two year period, their vision was to launching a powerful and enduring musical theme for the sport.

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