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Lenin agreed to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to end Russia's involvement in World War 1.

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Q: What treaty does Lenin sign with German to end World War I?
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Who did Lenin sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with?

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed with the Central Powers of World War I, namely, the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria by Lenin on behalf of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic as Russia was then named.

What did Lenin sign when he pulled Russia out of the war?

Lenin entered into the Treaty of Brest-Litovvsk when he pulled Russia out of World War 1.

What treaty did Lenin sign with Germany?

the treaty of Brest-Litovsk

What did Lenin sign to get russia out of world war 1?

Lenin signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk document as a truce to end Russias fighting in the war.

What country dropped out of World War 1 before it was over?

Russia was taken out of WW 1 by Lenin, as the part of the deal that took Lenin out of exile in Switzerland. It was a popular move for the Russian people. The drawback was the treaty Lenin had to sign with Germany which was highly unfavorable to Russia.

How did the treaty of versaillies lead to world war 2?

The Treaty of Versailles led to World War II (1939-45) because German leaders and citizens thought the treaty's terms were too harsh. The German government was forced to sign the treaty at the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920) under threat of more fighting from the Allies.

What Russian ruler signed the treaty of brest-litovsk?

It was signed on behalf of the Bolshevik government, then led by Trotsky and Lenin. There was no 'ruler' to sign the treaty, since Czar Nicholas II had been deposed the year before.

How did World War I influenced World War 2?

World War 1 influenced World War 2 greatly, in a number of categories. First, after the loss of World War 1, the Germans where forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles, which caused Germany to loss all its overseas colonies, loss its entire Navy, Air force and most of its Armed Forces. The main force of the treaty that greatly influenced World War 2 was that all blame for the war was put on the German Empire, and was forced to pay all of the war damages for every country around the world. Disgruntled WW2 German soldiers found this treaty a disgrace to their homeland, and where bent on revenge for the misery and humiliation it forced upon German. One of the young German soldiers at the time was Adolf Hilter, which used the Treaty of Versailles as the fuel to the German flame of nationalism, which resulted in the outcome of World War 2.

What treaty was signed for V-E day?

This is not an easy question to answer, because Germany did not officially sign a treaty. General Alfred Jodl of the German High Command signed a Interment of Surrender on VE DAY. The Closest thing to a treaty that was had after World War 2 was the Paris Peace Conference in 1945 which officially ended World War 2 in Europe

Why did US not sign the treaty of versaile in world war 1?

Congress did not agree with the treaty.

What treaty did Japan sign to end the World War 2?

The San Francisco Peace Treaty

Did Hitler sign a treaty with the Soviet Union to make sure his invasion of Poland was successful?

no, a German minister did it for him.

What are reasons for nationalist resentment in Germany after world war 1?

The reasons for these nationalistic feelings was because under the War guilt clause, the German government, the Weimar Republic, agreed to sign the treaty. The German people associated their government with a settlement that incapacitated them in Europe.

What was the name of the treaty that the Germans were force to sign during world war 1?

It was called the treaty of Versailles

Why did Russia pull out of World War I in 1917?

Russia pulled out of World War 1 because Lenin and the Bolsheviks had promised that they would end Russia's involvement in the war. The Russian army could not match up to the German army and defeat was inevitable. Politically, Lenin had to end the war because he had promised it to the country and if he did not deliver on that promise he faced his own overthrow. The only way he could keep the soldiers and peasants at least neutral in the political fighting was to assure them the war would be over. Lenin tried to drag the peace negotiations out hoping Germany would surrender, but it didn't. Germany caught on, called off the talks and resumed hostilities. Lenin had to make a hasty retreat and sign a quick peace treaty or Germany would have conquered Russia militarily and replaced the Bolshevik government. Russia's involvement in the war with Germany ended on March 3, 1918 with the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. The Tsar was murdered on July 17, 1918, three months after the war ended for Russia.

Was Germany responsible for starting both World War I and World War 2?

No. Austria started world war 1, however Germany was blamed on starting it and had to sign a treaty accepting ALL responsibility for the damage. Germany started world war 2. WW1-no because Austria-Hungary started it but Germany had to sign the treaty of Versailles WW2 did start because of Germany because of the German dictator Adolph Hitler.

Where did Russia sign a treaty after World War 1?


Why did many us senators refuse to sign the treaty of versallies?

in the treaty of Versailles Britain and France wanted Germany to pay for damages it caused in Europe, when in fact that Germany's ally austria-Hungary and some eastern slavic nation started the war. and from that, the treaty made Germany one of the poorest European nation in the world, like the German Mark (German currency at that time) had no value in it that Germans would use it for kindling to warm their houses

What happened at the end of world war 1 leading to world war 2?

The Germans had to sign the Treaty of Versailles which severely punished the Germans and bankrupted them. This treaty made the Germans mad and hate all the countries who made them sign the treaty in order to end the war. Adolf Hitler really hated the treaty. When he came to power he disregarded the Treaty and began doing what he wanted. He violated the treaty when he attacked Poland and that started World War 2.

Where did Hilter sign a treaty to end World War 2?

Hitler didnt sign a treaty to end WWII; he committed suicide in his bunker before the war officially ended

What evidence does the German Reply use to justify their claim about what will happen if Germany is forced to sign the treaty?

butterfly crime scene

When did MacArthur sign the peace treaty after world war 2?

The treaty that ended WW2 was signed August 14, 1945.

What did Germany sign leading to World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles.

What did the allies and the Germans sign after World War 1?

Versaille treaty

Where did Russia sign a peace treaty in World War 1?