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My brother was a professional soccer player. A LOT of cardio and skill ie ball control, passing, shooting etc etc

You need to practice and listen to your coaches. Also you need to try your hardest and never give up. There could always be someone out there watchiing so limit yoour mistakes and always outnumber your bad games with your good ones.

the training that is needed is to look at ronaldo's plays practice them and do them in game cause there might be some one important like a scout. try hard and never give up run alot in games u wont die maybe sore but you wont die. train 2 hours daily

Get good, and get noticed.

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You don't have to take classes to become a pro soccer player. You just have to have good foot skills, ball control, sportsman ship, and be able to actually play good soccer.

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Q: What training is needed to become a pro soccer player?
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How do you become a professinoal soccer player?

By training hard, and getting scouted

Interests and abilities needed to become a pro soccer player?


What education or training is required to become a soccer player?

No i cant answer it because im a nerd

What education or training you need to become a soccer player?

youll need to be certified and be a people person;)

Can a 18 year old who have never played soccer become a soccer player?

Yes, with intensive training and extreme dedication. Becoming a proffessional soccer player on the other hand, is unlikely but not impossible.

What do you need to become a soccer player for the US?

You need to have a lot of skill, training, and you need to be really good.

What is your motivation to become a soccer player?

''There's somebody out there getting better than you by training harder thank you''

How can you be a professional soccer player?

you can become a professional soccer player by training hard and doing what you need to do but most importantly if you train hard and work hard at the soccer games you will cost more to join a team and you will get a lot of $

How do you become a big soccer player?

By training and then you start a famous youth club then when you get a bit older big teams will want you and you become a legend.

Where do you get training for a professional soccer player?

with people there are really good training with them

How can a 50 year old woman become a good soccer player?

Through physical training, practicing basic ball skills and by joining a senior ladies soccer team.

How do you become a professional soccer player in India?

To become a soccer player in India you must do a lot of practice.Practice can led you to become a professional footballer.