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The Chelsea Team is one of the top football teams in the world. They have rigorous training they need in order to play at a high level. There is a lot of running and repeating kicking skills.

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Q: What training does one go through for the Chelsea team?
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What does Chelsea refer to in the context of Barcelona sports?

Chelsea in reference to Barcelona sports is a F.C. team from Chelsea in central London. Chelsea is a very prominent team and is considered one of the best and hardest to beat.

The Chelsea Song is for what football team?

The Chelsea Sing is for the Chelsea FC team. One can find the lyrics to this song at popular on the web sources such as A to Z Lyrics and Metro Lyrics.

Who has played for Chelsea man utd and inter?

no one. because no one wants to leave man utd(best team in the world) for crap chelsea.(chelsea-shocking)

Where might one find out about the Chelsea fixtures?

One can find out about the Chelsea fixtures by visiting their official website at Chelsea FC. It has all the information about the team as well as the fixtures and results.

What football team is Chelsea?

Chelsea is one of the best soccer teams in the world which has really good players such as: ivanovic and drogba.

Is Chelsea a rubbish football team?

no chelsea is one of the best football team in the world to most people including me they are very successful in life they are 3rd in the league right now

What team sports in polish school?

Well there are lots of team's but I would say that the most people like the Chelsea one

Where can one find more information about Chelsea football?

Information about the Chelsea football team can be found on the team's official website ChelseaFC. The team can also be followed on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. More factual information on the team can be found on its Wikipedia page.

What number does Frank Lampard play for England?

16 caps when he was on the U-21 team 93 caps 21-present

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