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dont play Badminton

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Q: What training could you do to improve your fitness in badminton?
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Who could help improve regular fitness?

Fitness trainer.

How could people improve in badminton?

Well, practice makes perfect. :)

Where could I find information on golf Fitness courses?

TPI Certified has golf Fitness instructors to increase your skill and technique. With the instructor you will get training to improve your game and also learn how to increase your energy level.

Where could I find information on muscle Fitness?

This website provides a wealth of information about muscle Fitness and strength training. Copy the link to visit.

How do you improve roles of badminton officials?

You could use some sort of technology like hawkeye in tennis, you could call it kangaroo-ear.

Would you recommend an elliptical cross trainer to improve overall fitness?

Yes , I highly recommend elliptical cross trainer to improve overall fitness since elliptical helps you improve leg strength and could give you good cardio workout.

Where could I find information about Balley Fitness?

Balley Fitness has come to stay in the Fitness world. They offer a variety of services and training sessions all over. To find out more about them please check .

Describe and explain one method of fitness training for six different components of physical fitness?

you could jog daily or do 100m running in the park or anywhere else

Begin a Fitness Training Program to Improve Yourself?

Here are some yoga benefits. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility. ... Yoga helps with back pain relief. ... Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms. ... Yoga benefits heart health. ... Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better. ... Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. ... Yoga helps you manage stress. ... Yoga connects you with a supportive community If you want to join yoga classes then I would suggest you to visit Arhanta yoga provides yoga teacher training classes online at an affordable price. Visit our website and know more details.

If a government wanted to improve the productivity of its human resources it could?

expand funding and opportunities for vocational training.

What is India's rank in badminton?

it could be 9th

fitness training?

The proper fitness program given by a proper fitness training professional is always worth the extra money. Simply having someone to be accountable to often makes people perform better. A true fitness training professional will also be able to improve your performance much faster than you could on your own. It is also cathartic to have someone to talk to about the worries of the day while you are exercising, which also relieves the mind of stress.

Describe three different fitness training methods used to achieve excellence in football?

Here are three different training methods for achieving excellence in football: 1.) You can do a 20mtr shuttle run back and forth whilst dribbling with a football to improve your foot eye coordination for fifteen minutes with three five minute intervals. 2.) You could do fifty sit ups, and push ups a day to keep fit. 3.) You can go for a jog twice about the distance of a mile to two miles. This would improve your fitness and the amount of time you can run for.

Where can I find fitness lesson plans?

She could check a library for books on personal training and exercise routines. She could also look at exercise videos and see what plans they offer.

Where could I find online Fitness trainers?

Search classified ads or inquire local sites for local gyms and training centers. You may find a good physical Fitness trainer online at a site specifically designed for such.

Why is badminton played indoors?

could do a hammy outdoors

What could adding compression shorts do to improve a fitness regime?

Compression shorts increase a person's overall endurance. They also improve blood transfer which means oxygen gets through the body more quickly which is great for the body.

What website allows you to watch badminton live online?

Well you could try youtube and type in professional badminton terminates

How might one improve their English pronunciation?

One can improve one's English pronunciation a few ways. One way could be taking classes at a local college or online which training videos and guides.

Where could I buy a Fitness machine from?

You can buy Fitness equipment from Fitness stores like Dicks Sporting Goods or REI. You could always go online as well to sites such as or Fitness specific websites and buy things from there.

What muscle groups does commercial grade fitness equipment help consolidate?

Commercial grade fitness equipment covers everything from weight lifting machines to free weights. As such, the equipment can and could strengthen and improve any muscle group depending upon the precise equipment selected.

Why training at high altitude could improve the performance of the athlete?

This way when they go out in a professional competition, when they breathe it's a lot easier and so they can go for longer.

Which sites could I visit for more information on training fitness programs?

There are many different websites that specialize in specific programs. I have found that has the most options all in one place.

Where can i get some good personal training software?

I would speak with your local gym because they could give you the best leading software to help map out your fitness schedule and to tell you where to purchase it.

What are the benefits of using life fitness elliptical equipment.?

Life Fitness offers certain incentives for training; sharing your story could enter you for a chance to win prizes. Recommendations from people you trust are valuable, but take time to comparison shop for the best equipment to suit your needs.